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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2cjG2eXHOg For your convenience see below list of questions and their timing.   SectionTimeQuestion100:15So Dani, please tell us about yourself.200:56What are you currently doing?301:23What began your spiritual search?402:21What did you try in your way?503:11And how did it help you?603:42What was your…

Do you feel like your life is managing you instead of you managing it? Do you feel frustration and lack of control? Are you troubled by the weight of the tasks you have to do which only pile up? There…

Again I awoke in pain and felt like I wanted to stay in bed all day, what depression! I would have preferred to go on sleeping rather than to deal with my troubles, the flashbacks from events of my past…

One of the greatest mysteries which occupies many researchers is how does the mind make decisions? While the field of medicine and our ability to understand processes which occur in the body are only advancing all the time, questions like: Who is a person? How do we make decisions? Is a person only their body? remain unsolved by medicine. In practice, this raises the question: is the field of medicine the right place to be answering questions of this kind?

Many of us are reminded a time in our youths wherein life seemed happier and better. A time where our lives were full of interest, curiosity and aspirations. A time wherein we woke up in the morning with a smile…

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