Discover Your Inner Power

Every person is a spiritual being with tremendous abilities, yet most often this incredible potential is submerged. LifePower helps you remove the inner barriers that hold you back.

What is LifePower?​

LifePower Centers around the world operate based on the applied philosophy presented in the LifePower Library. We have taken upon us a mission: To enable you to achieve personal power in all realms of life.

What is Personal Power?

The condition a person is in when progressing confidently and serenely towards attaining their goals.

What We Offer

Personal Coaching

In LifePower Personal Coaching, you will receive Clearing Processes delivered by a qualified coach. Clearing Processes remove one’s inner barriers and as a result one regains power, confidence, and calmness. With LP Processing, you can attain a higher awareness level and true self-fulfillment.

LifePower is an applied philosophy that enables everyone to enhance their abilities and improve all areas of life. With the wisdom contained in these books and the courses delivered in our academies – you can learn, drill, and apply knowhow to change your life.


On LifePower Courses you will learn and practice under close professional guidance. These courses are delivered at your personal pace while stressing thorough drilling and application to your life. With our unique Study Technology, you will acquire tools for all areas of life and enhance your vital abilities.

Our Coaches

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