For your convenience see below list of questions and their timing.  

Section Time Question
1 00:15 So Dani, please tell us about yourself.
2 00:56 What are you currently doing?
3 01:23 What began your spiritual search?
4 02:21 What did you try in your way?
5 03:11 And how did it help you?
6 03:42 What was your conclusion from your
search to that point?
7 05:26 Where this this spiritual search lead you?
8 06:22 Let me stop you right here,
9 6:25 Ron Hubbard is a controversial personality
in today’s media, and you have
academic degrees.
10 6:34 Weren’t you kind of suspicious
before starting it?
11 07:48 But still, Ron Hubbard’s works are not
accepted in the world academies.
12 07:56 Didn’t you want some approval,
some authority approving his works
before you started to deal with his work?
11 9:15 Tell me a little bit about the listening processes
that you got back in 1980 in San Francisco.
14 10:42 Can you compare this listening process
15 10:49 with psychoanalysis that you got?
What are the differences?
16 11:37 Can you tell me your exact gains
from this listening processes that you got
in San Francisco?
17 11:45 What did you get from it?
18 14:10 If this technology that you are describing
is so good and powerful,
19 14:16 why is it not that popular around the world?
20 15:31 And what, in your opinion,
is the biggest lie in connection to
mental or spiritual improvement?
21 18:07 Don’t you have a vested interest
in what you are doing?
22 19:38 I know that you had a great job in the US.
Why did you move back to Israel
and open a center in Israel?
23 21:10 What led you to write your own book?
24 25:34 Is it dangerous to tamper with somebody else’s mind?
End 27:14


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