The LifePower books

So far, three books have been published in the LifePower series: The LifePower book, The Complete Communication Manual and Your Guide to Clearing. These books were written by Dani Lemberger after years of study and work with the applied philosophy developed by Ron Hubbard.

The LifePower books have been translated into five languages:

English, Russian, French, Latvian and Hebrew


LifePower was written with the aim of helping you reach personal freedom and improving your personal abilities. We invite you to embark on this fascinating journey that will enable you discover who you truly are, what are your abilities and how to actualize them.

Knowledge is in practice the most valuable gift that you can give yourself. Knowledge is the way to realise any goal you desire. In this book you will find the most important principles about life and about improving the human condition

In the book you will find answers to many questions:

How to improve relationships;

How to rid yourself of the effects of burdensome traumas;

What is the single factor that makes us react illogically;

How to foresee behaviour of a romantic or business partner;

What is the source of stress and depression;

How to realize your full potential.

LifePower provides integral information for understanding life. However, you will surely agree with me that reading a book only for the sake of reading it will not help you reach the goal for which you entered this website. The best way to bring about change is through doing. Therefore, the LifePower book is accompanied by many processes that any person can very easily execute. With their help you will be able to improve your memory, liberate yourself from burdensome traumas and enhance your personal abilities.

While reading the book or executing processes you are welcome to turn to one of our coaches. For any question, we are here for you.

The Complete Communication Manual

All that you aspire for and already have, is the product of cooperation with other people. Nothing is achieved in solitude. Your creation and joy in life is totally dependent on your ability to muster the support of friends and relatives; this requires superlative communication skills.

This book comprises of eight Communication Drills which when practiced to perfection, will make you a stellar communicator. People will want to talk to you, they’ll listen to you and will enjoy living and working with you.

These drills were developed by renowned American philosopher, Ron Hubbard. Dani Lemberger studied the applied philosophy of Hubbard over ten years and acquired experience in its implementation for thirty years.

The Story of C and I

This book, The Story of C and I: Theory and Practice of Control and Intention, is part of the vast LifePower project, whose purpose is to enable you to achieve personal power: The condition a person is in when progressing confidently and serenely towards attaining their goals.

Formulating goals for self and progressing tenaciously to their realization necessitates skilled control of the environment. One must also be capable of imbuing others with the intention to accomplish the desired purpose and complete designated tasks.

This book contains the five Control and Intention Drills which when practiced to perfection, will make you a person of commanding presence with whom others will desire to work, play and create.

Your Guide to Clearing

Your Guide to Clearing is based on the book LifePower. The purpose of this guide is to allow you to go up the route to the state of Cleaer, a person with clear  thinking and high personal power. 

 Emotions Scale Poster

This scale shows us a person’s quality of survival and how his emotions change when the quality of his existence rises or falls.

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