The LifePower Books

So far, six books have been published in the LifePower series:

  • The LifePower book,
  • Executive Freedom,
  • Study Essentials,
  • The Complete Communication Manual,
  • The Story of C and I: Theory and Practice of Control and Intention,
  • Your Mind’s Efficiency.
Book Collection English
LifePower Book - Englsih

Here you will find essential data for understanding life; more than that, you will learn and drill processes by which you can discover who you really are, what are your full potentialities and how to realize them.

Executive Freedom Book

Executive Freedom has the knowledge you require in creating an organization or participating as its member, where all prosper and each achieves their goals while maintaining personal freedom.

Study Essentials Book

This book will teach you Study Technology: How to learn with an intention to apply and how to overcome the Barriers to Study which may hinder your progress. Your brilliance is not dependent on any native talent you were born with; it is your command of study that will make you a star.

Complete Communication Manual Book

All that you aspire for and have, is the product of cooperation with other people. Nothing is achieved in solitude. Your creation and joy in life is totally dependent on your ability to muster the support of friends and relatives; this requires superlative communication skills.

Control & Intention Book English

Formulating goals for self and progressing tenaciously to their realization necessitates skilled control of the environment. One must also be capable of imbuing others with the intention to accomplish the desired purpose and complete designated tasks.

Your Mind's Efficiency Book

We aim to enable you to ascend rapidly on the Route to Spiritual Freedom and attain the State of Clear. What is a Clear? It is a person whose mind operates at optimal efficiency, who thinks clearly and enjoys high personal power.

This book is part of the LifePower library where you shall find knowledge for understanding life, an opportunity to realize your full potentialities and even a rewarding profession as a LifePower Coach!