Cfiri Winehouse

My name is Cfiri Winehouse . I am 46 years old and live in Haifa. I am a senior manager in a telephone, television and internet company and have been happily married for sixteen years.

I arrived at LifePower after a 20 year career in advanced management and after studying psychology in university.
I wanted to be able to assess my lifestyle, behaviour and conduct with other people from a different point of view. At LifePower I discovered groundbreaking technologies, not written in any dictionary or learnt in any academic institution, technologies that improve your life and what you can offer other people, on a level you couldn’t previously recognise

In the customer service system that I operate, the technologies I learnt and practiced at LifePower improve the efficiency, the approach to people, and the satisfaction of the customer with the service provider and vice versa, at a very high level. Customers are suddenly very happy to speak with service representatives as they experience service provided with joy and with love. There is suddenly chemistry that did not exist previously and not only because we want to provide good service, rather because we have the unconventional tools to execute it.

On a personal level, I am involved in a special and unique relationship and with the help of the unique communication formulae I learnt I have managed to improve my romantic relationship and my communication with my environment in general.

Suddenly, things can be different. I can get along with people that I didn’t get along with, work with colleagues calmly and in good dynamics, and stop the influence of past hurts on my conduct to create a cleaner, clearer, better and highly functional present.

I finished a LifePower learning track, a Coaching track and all the introductory courses for communication and control.

I am certified to run communication drills, recall processes and clearing processes.

I believe I can move any person toward significant achievements in their life with advanced technologies, achievements that will demonstrate immediate results in relationships, friendships, work, with their children and with themselves.

The people who arrive at LifePower are people like me and like you, people who want to reach new understandings about life, to assess what they’ve done until now in a new light, and primarily to manage to help people handle the problems they experience in day-to-day conduct. Everyone for whom I’ve run recall and clearing processes, in the framework of LifePower’s Listening processes, was liberated from past hurts that influenced their decisions and their day-to-day, and managed to deal with life, new missions and challenges, in a much better way.

I’ve managed to improve relationships between romantic partners, to assist with getting a job, bring success to a career, relationships with friends, with relatives and more.



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