Courses for Higher Abilities

On LifePower Courses you will learn and practice under close professional guidance. These courses are delivered at your personal pace while stressing thorough drilling and application to your life. With our unique Study Technology, you will acquire tools for all areas of life and enhance your vital abilities.

Breakthrough Courses

Concise courses that provide the most effective tools of our major courses for immediate application. The Breakthrough Courses will offer you achievements and know-how so you too can see that LifePower works!

Mastering Life

Our major courses for enhancing personal abilities and developing life’s vital skills. Every course has a specified result that is attained after rigorous drilling which guarantees full application. These courses will give you significant improvements that will always accompany you.

LifePower Professional

These courses will provide you with a full grasp of LIFEPOWER’s philosophy and perfect use of its technology. With the skills you will acquire, you will be able to help people improve their lives and realize their potential. Also, you will have proven tools to enrich your life and empower those around you.