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The LifePower academy offers a variety of courses to help you with many of the different aspects of life.

We invite you to visit one of the LifePower centres in which you will be able to meet our experienced coaches and start even now the training that will help you master greater ability in all realms of life.

In the LifePower centres you will find children, adults and families, every one of them there for a different reason but all of them with the common goal of creating a better life for themselves and those around them.

Our courses – run in a unique learning method with personal guidance and at your pace, in this way you will reach maximum achievement.

Many of the people who reach us from different places in the world choose to undergo the complete training track of a LifePower coach with the goal of also helping other people create a better life, and even practice it as a job.

LifePower Coach Course

LifePower Coach Course

The aim of the course is to train the LifePower Coach. At the end of their training they will be able to successfully run Listening processes with the aim of removing all hidden charges in the subconscious. We don’t change the past, we do change the location of inputs in our mind and undo the negative influence of past traumas.

When all of the traumatic events are removed and passed into the awareness of the person, they reach a happy state in which there are no more spaces of unawareness in their Time Track. The person who receives listening processes is called a pre-clear, in that they advance towards a state of Clear. The pre-clear improves their abilities and raises their awareness through evaluating their life experience and observing the content of their subconscious.

Release others from their past traumas

A coach who is qualified to lead listening processes is called a Listener.  Our admiration goes to the Listener, they are the person who makes a better world. The Listener is a brave person, committed to their task, yet caring and sensitive. They listen patiently yet are alert and intelligent. They are an expert in the technology of listening. They must be a person of high intelligence and also dedication and integrity. The Listener has invested a great amount of time in acquiring the skills to improve the human condition.

In addition to studying how to lead processes, you will learn crucial tools for interpersonal communication, control, improved learning skills and attaining stability and prosperity in life. These are tools that will help you’ll understand how to improve every aspect of your life and the lives of your pre-clears.

We believe that the highest mission in life is to help others and to make a better world. The course will grant you professional tools to enable others to attain understanding and to expand their personal abilities.

Studdy Essentials Course ENG

Study Essentials Course

In all your years of study, were you ever taught how to learn?
Want to know how you can overcome ‘ADD’ and ‘learning difficulties’? What method can you use to improve reading comprehension?

Study Essentials Course is the keystone of all learning in life

Until now, no one has invested enough effort in developing a truly effective method of improving learning skills and abilities. Lack of concentration, boredom, confusion, misunderstanding and abandonment, these are only some of the phenomena of a person who is unaware of the foundations of learning. It is vital knowledge for every student in school, college or university. It will help every parent and teacher improve their students’ learning and avoid disturbances in class without the need to apply ‘discipline’.

In the course you will learn what the three barriers to learning are, how to overcome them and even prevent them. You will receive tools to improve reading comprehension and acquire the ability to apply the learnt material and other tools for immediate application in your study.

Effective Communication Course ENG

Effective Communication Course

Your success, quality of life and happiness are dependent on your level of communication.

Every relationship crisis in which you have ever been caught, family fights, disagreements at work and even failure to reach your aspirations in life, can be caused by a violation of one of the elements of communication. With the help of understanding the communication formula and practice of each of the three elements of communication that you’ll learn in the ‘Effective Communication Course’, you’ll be able to become an expert on the topic and thus to increase your success.

Learn to Lead the Conversation

In the course, you will learn to solve every situation using only communication, without the need for convincing, tricks or ‘conversation patterns’. The course is comprised of theory and eight practical drills based on years of research and practice in the field. In the course you will practice and apply the knowledge at a level that will put you in control of all elements of communication, that will become an inseparable part of you.

The most central and meaningful part of the course is the practical part. In this part you will acquire the ability to engage in communication, comfortably and without stress, with any person, and you’ll learn how to advance effective dialogue with another person in a relaxed and interested manner.

Control and Intention Course ENG

Control & Intention Course

In many cases control is perceived as a bad thing. It arouses negative and unpleasant feelings. We have been compelled and obliged to do many things that we didn’t want to under the title, “control”. Yet, would you be able to drive your car, to manage your work, or to educate your children without control? Of course, you wouldn’t.

Control is the readiness and ability to start, to change and to stop my or another person’s activities. Control is the movement of things in the material world, yet it is also conveying intentions and instructions to others, leadership and command of people. Life demands that we control others and also enable others to control us.

Achieving goals, charisma, leadership skills, self-esteem and power in life; all of these are the abilities of a person who is in control of themselves, their life and those around them.

In the ‘Correct Control Course’, you will begin to learn with full theoretical study about Control and the three elements of ‘Control’. After that you will practice and perfect your control skills with the help of five Control drills. The aim of the course is for you to achieve your full abilities and apply correct control to every situation in your life.

The ‘Correct Control Course’ is the continuation course to the ‘Effective Communication Course’ and based on principles your learned in communication. Therefore, this course can only be undertaken with the completion of the ‘Effective Communication Course’.

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