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We invite you to visit one of the LifePower centres in which you will be able to meet our experienced coaches and start even now the training that will help you master greater ability in all realms of life.

In the LifePower centres you will find children, adults and families, every one of them there for a different reason but all of them with the common goal of creating a better life for themselves and those around them.

Our courses – run in a unique learning method with personal guidance and at your pace, in this way you will reach maximum achievement.

Many of the people who reach us from different places in the world choose to undergo the complete training track of a LifePower coach with the goal of also helping other people create a better life, and even practice it as a job.

LifePower Coach Course

In this course you will learn crucial and encompassing information for understanding life, with the help of which you will increase your ability and your personal power. With the end of the theoretical part of the course, you will practice leading Listening processes the purpose of which is to increase personal abilities and to dispose of negative effects of past traumas. In the practical part of the course you will lead Listening processes for another student and of course try receiving Learning processes yourself. After finishing all of the tasks of the course and evaluation of your skills, you will be certified as a LifePower coach.


Effective Communication Course

None of us lives alone, we all know that communication is the basis for all progress in our lives. But what exactly is ‘good communication’?
What constitutes communication?

How do I begin speaking to someone who I don’t have anything in common with?

It doesn’t matter what your profession is or in what activities you’re involved, the ability to communicate easily and with certainty is essential. As a coach too, you will need to treat with different kinds of communication and therefore it is a really crucial stage in your training.



Control and Intention  Course

Your success as a coach and in life demands control over your environment, over the equipment with which you work and over other people. In the course you’ll execute advanced drills that improve your ability to lead, a crucial tool for giving help to others.

Study Essentials Course

In this course you will acquire learning technology with the help of which you’ll learn any topic better and more effectively. The Learning technology enables fast understanding and application of any subject. This will help you in your continued training as a coach and of course, will enable you to learn any field in your life and also help others who encountering learning difficulties.


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