Aberrated Man – 1) Before a person becomes clear, he is in a state that we describe as an ‘aberrated man’. (LP, Ch. 8, The Clear)
2) An aberrant, or ‘aberrated person’ does not act rationally. In the present existing circumstances, he or she is not behaving logically. What is rational behavior? It is behavior that optimally serves man’s survival and his Eight Drives. The aberrated person behaves as if compelled by a certain pattern of action. What compels him? The Reactive Mind, of course. (LP, Ch. 8, The Clear)

Aberration – In Latin, aberrare means to deviate from the usual, go astray, or stray from the right or normal way. In the field of optics, the word ‘aberration’ describes a distorted ray of light, one that does not move in a straight line. (LP, Ch. 8, The Clear)

Abilities (Route to Spiritual Freedom) – This stage deals with fixed ideas and considerations the PC has that hinder him and lower his ability to learn and to think. (Chapter: The Route to Spiritual Freedom)

Acknowledgment (Ack) – 1) The listener gives an acknowledgment to the person being cleared, letting him know that his answer to the listener’s question was received and understood. (LP, Ch. 6, The Art of Listening)
2) The ack completes the cycle of communication, and then the person being cleared knows that he is going to receive the next question. The P/C will not be ready to receive the next question, until he receives a clear ack which ends the previous question. (LP, Ch. 6, The Art of Listening)
3) The acknowledgment is neither an answer nor a beginning of a conversation, but the ending of a question and the answer to it. The ack is not an expression of opinion or giving an approval. In life too, it is essential that we consciously give an acknowledgment when a person tells us something. (LP, Ch. 6, The Art of Listening)
4) To teach the student that an acknowledgement is a method of controlling another person’s communication and that an acknowledgement is a full stop. The student must understand the comm he receives from his coach and appropriately acknowledge. An ack to the comm must be given in such a way that the person originating the communicating knows he has been understood and has no urge to repeat the communication. (CCM, Ch. 4, Comm Drill 5)

ACP – see: Advanced Clearing Process.

Advanced Clearing Process (ACP) – The ACP certainly brings you and any person to the State of Clear. By running the ACP with the help of an MCM, we locate traumatic incidents easily, and erase them with surprising efficiency. (LP, Ch. 8, Clearing Processes)

Advanced Clearing Process (Route to Spiritual Freedom) – The Advanced Clearing Process removes the Reactive Mind created during the person’s entire existence. At the end of this process, the pre-clear attains the State of Clear. A Clear is a person who no longer has a Reactive Mind of his own.  (LP, Ch.: RSF)

Aesthetics6.0 on the scale of emotions – This is a person’s striving for perfection and beauty. Artists and creative people, who contribute to their environment and provide long-term value are at this stage. (LP, Ch. 1, The Scale of Existence and Emotions; C&I, Ch. 2, Responsibility and the Emotions Scale; CCM, Ch. 2, The Emotions Scale)

Affinity – Affinity is an emotional reaction, a feeling of liking or love toward people or objects around you. Affinity is also a space-related phenomenon, because it expresses your willingness to share the same location as the person or object you like or love. (LP, Ch. 2, The Understanding Triangle, CCM, Ch. 1, The Understanding Triangle)

Anger – 1.5 on the Scale of Emotions – The person is angry and aggressive; the world threatens him. (LP, Ch. 1, The Scale of Existence and Emotions, C&I, Ch. 2, Responsibility and the Emotions Scale; CCM, Ch. 2, The Emotions Scale)

Anti-social people – People who act toward others in offensive, derisive, or humiliating ways. They will purposely attack you and cause you to feel guilty, even when there is no reason for it. (LP, Ch. 5, Recognition of Cause)

Apathy – 0.2 on the scale of emotions –A person in a state of apathy can still move and seem functional under social pressure, but he will perform simple actions robotically. He has no responsibility for his deeds; he will obey orders yet lack awareness of the outcome of his actions. (LP, Ch. 1, The Scale of Existence and Emotions, C&I, Ch. 2, Responsibility and the Emotions Scale; CCM, Ch. 2, The Emotions Scale)

ARC – ARC: Affinity, Reality and Communication. ARC means enjoying communication, being able to do things together, wishing to spend time together and sharing a high level of understanding. (LP, Ch. 2, The Understanding Triangle)

ARC Break – An ARC Break is a situation in which we keep distance from another because of lacking affinity, our realities collide, hence there is no agreement and the communication becomes angry, disruptive, or non-existent. Thus a drop in understanding occurs, which we call an ARC Break. (LP, Ch.  2, Comm in Full, CCM, Ch. 1, Employing the ARC)

ARC Triangle – see: Understanding triangle.

Attention – Cause has the Intention to relay the communication, and it must give its Attention to the person receiving it, the Effect. Effect has the Intention to receive the Communication and pays Attention to Cause. (LP, Ch. 2, Comm in Full; CCM, Ch. 1, The Comm Formula)

Awakening (Route to Spiritual Freedom) – These processes treat the emotional influences of using drugs, alcohol or medicine. The final result of this process is a person released from the emotional influences of the toxins he had consumed. (LP, Ch.: RSF)

Aware Mind – 1) We find that the mind records pleasant or tolerable incidents, those comfortably experienced, and stores them in a location where they can be easily retrieved. Man controls and consciously uses this mind of his own initiative when he makes decisions. We therefore call this the Conscious Mind or the Aware Mind. The Aware Mind operates consciously, by its master’s will and under his control. (LP. Ch 4, The Aware mind)
2) The Aware Mind operates on the basis of similarity and difference, systematically compares data to analyze it and use it as we wish. (LP, Ch. The Aware mind)


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