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Bad Decision – 1) A poor decision is that which will cause maximum damage to the most drives on the long run. (LP, Ch. 1, Our Drives in Action)

2) It is a wrong decision whose fulfillment somehow reduces the quality of our life. It harms our drives rather than benefits them; it causes us to descend the Scale of Existence and Emotions. (LP, Ch. 4, The Aware Mind)

Bad Worker is one who is unable to operate the equipment they are supposed to work with or the communication lines they are supposed to handle. (C&I, Ch. 1, Control and Work)

Basic Clearing Process (BCP) – By means of the Basic Clearing Process we can reach basic traumas that lie far in the past. The BCP is highly valuable, as it raises one’s awareness to the existence of the Time Track and to being an immortal spirit. (LP, Ch. 8, Clearing Processes)

Basic Goal – The basic goal is the thing you see when you shut your eyes and envision yourself and your surroundings many years from now, assuming there are no limitations or constraints. In order to accomplish your basic long-term goal, it must serve all of your drives. (LP. Ch. 2, Ladder of Accomplishment)

BCP – see: Basic Clearing Process.

Be Here and Now – To perceive with your senses the event taking place, at the time it is taking place, to feel comfortable vis-à-vis the world, to be alert and aware of your surroundings. (LP, Ch. 5, Here and Now)

Beingness – We define Beingness as taking on a type of identity. This is the role a person takes in the Game of Life in which he participates, for example: his name, profession, or one of his many roles. His beingness also includes his clothes, education, personal traits, sexual identity, and physical characteristics. (LP. Ch. 2, States of Existence)

Boredom – 2.5 on the Scale of Emotions – Interest in life dwindles and the person’s goals become dull. He wishes to avoid much movement and there is no ambition to improve. (LP, Ch. 1, The Scale of Existence and Emotions; C&I, Ch. 2, Responsibility and the Emotions Scale; CCM, Ch. 2, The Emotions Scale)

Bullbaited – 1) The word ‘Bullbaited’ is taken from an old practice of having dogs bait a bull. ‘Bait’ means: 1. To try to make someone angry or annoyed by using criticism or insult; 2. To use dogs to make an animal, such as a bear or bull, angry or afraid. (Definitions taken from the Merriam-Webster dictionary.) (CCM, Ch. 4, Comm Drill 3)

2) Still, we find that in life we are ‘bullbaited’ by unpleasant events beyond our control or by the behavior of others towards us. When we are bullbaited by those close to us, we lose our temper and we react in a way that further lowers ARC and disrupts communication. This sets us and the other person on a dwindling spiral of acrimony and unwillingness or inability to cooperate. (CCM, Ch. 4, Comm Drill 3)

Button – It is that thing which makes us involuntarily react. We twitch when another person coughs. We are frightened when another shouts, we blush when a person compliments us, we may stammer when excited. It is your reaction to anything that you find undesirable in front of you that lowers your level of confront. (CCM, Ch. 4, Drill 3)

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