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Death – 0.0 on the Scale of Emotions – This is the end of our present body’s lifetime. Death is the spirit’s departure from the body, whose state has deteriorated and is no longer usable. (LP, Ch. 1, The Scale of Existence and Emotions, C&I, Ch. 2, Responsibility and the Emotions Scale; CCM, Ch. 2, The Emotions Scale)

Detox (Detoxification) Program (Route to Spiritual Freedom) – This program handles the effects of drug, medicine or alcohol the PC consumed. Residues of these substances remain in the body many years and have a harmful effect. Toxics blunt a person’s ability to be in communication and to perceive; therefore, removing these residues with the Detox Program is essential. (LP, Ch.: RSF)

Distance – Between Cause and Effect there must be Distance, since in this universe two people or objects cannot occupy the same space. (LP, Ch. 2, Comm Formula; CCM, Ch. 1, The Comm Formula)

Doingness – The second State of Existence is Doingness, by which we mean action, function, actually carrying out a plan. Doing requires a change of location in space. (LP, Ch. 2, States of Existence)

Dramatization – When some of the perceptions in a person’s immediate environment are similar to the trauma recordings stored in the R/M, those trauma recordings are reactivated. The person will not behave in a way appropriate to the present circumstances, logical behavior that supports his survival, but according to the dictates of the R/M that has now been restimulated. We call such behavior ‘dramatization’. (LP, Ch. 8, The Clear)

Drill – A drill is a learning method or a training routine, in which a person repeats a procedure until he can perfectly perform that skill. Each drill has a particular purpose, which we want to achieve in order to improve our ability. (LP, Ch. 5, Here and Now; CCM, Ch. 4, What are the Comm Drills?)

2) A drill is a training routine, in which a person repeats a procedure until he can perfectly perform that skill. (C&I, Ch. 4, What are the C & I Drills?)

     Note: The eight communication drills appear under ‘Comm Drill’, the five Control & Intention Drills are shown under ‘C & I Drills’.

Drive – When we examine how man survives, we find that he has many varied subjects and areas of interest. Man survives not only for himself but also for and through his spouse, children, family, friends and much more. To observe this closely, we may divide survival into eight realms or urges, the Eight Drives. (LP, Ch. 1, The Drives of Survival)

Duplication – Duplication means that an exact copy of what emanated from Cause is created at Effect. (LP. Ch. 2, Comm in Full; CCM, Ch. 1, The Comm Formula)

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