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E/S – see: Earlier Similar Incident.

Earlier Similar Incident – Usually the P/C will not reach the Session End Phenomena (SEP) on running the first incident only. In order to erase the chain and achieve the SEP, we must run the trauma recordings of the chain, those that are heavily charged due to the pain and unconsciousness they contain. We must now locate the next incident on the chain, the preceding one, which is reactivated by running the first incident. The listener asks the P/C to locate the earlier similar (E/S) incident on the chain. (LP, Ch. 8, The Basic Clearing Process)

Effect – Beyond a certain Distance, there is a receipt point, Effect, where the Relayed Particle is received. (LP, Ch. 2, Comm in Full; CCM. Ch. 1, The Comm Formula)

Eighth Drive – The Drive to Eternity, whose infinity symbol – ∞ – is the digit 8 placed on its side. This drive represents the eternity of the spirit and also the source of the universe. (LP, Ch. 1, The Drives of Survival; C&I, Ch. 1, Control and the Drives of Existence; CCM, Ch. 2, The Survival Drives)

Emotional Trauma – An incident in which a serious loss or threat of loss is experienced. The emotional trauma, unlike the physical trauma, is not an incident containing a physical blow or necessarily a loss of consciousness. (LP, Ch. 6, The Art of Listening)

Enthusiasm – 4.0 on the Scale of Emotions – The person is highly energetic and active, accomplishing tasks with confidence and joy. (LP, Ch. 1, The Scale of Existence and Emotions, C&I, Ch. 2, Responsibility and the Emotions Scale; CCM, Ch. 2, The Emotions Scale)

Erasing the Chain – When we have completed running a chain of several incidents, we might reach the basic incident and the entire chain erases. Most likely, on the Time Track we are many years before present time. A lot of charge has been released from the traumas on this chain, the P/C experiences much relief and you notice that he is high on the Emotions Scale. (LP, Ch. 8, The Basic Clearing Process)

Erasure of a Trauma – When we say ‘erasing the trauma’, or ‘erasure of a trauma’, we mean handling the trauma recording in a session of the Clearing Process where we fully confront the incident to the point of release, so that the charge attached to this trauma recording is blown away, and the incident which was stored in the Reactive Mind is now filed in the Aware Mind. (LP, Ch. 8, The Clear)

Exchange – Exchange is given to a person in return for what he does for the other person. (LP, Ch. 6, The Listener)

Experiencing comfortably – By ‘Experiencing Comfortably’, we refer to a person’s ability to face something, to be present at some occurrence, to fully perceive what happens, and to feel comfortable with his perceptions, in other words, to be ‘Here and Now’. (LP, Ch. 4, Experiencing Comfortably)

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