Emotional Scale and it’s connection to being able to control others

Emotional Scale and it’s connection to being able to control others

The emotions scale shows how people who exhibit different emotions are able to connect with other people and eventually control them.

4.0 Enthusiasm

When a person’s emotions are on this level, he is able to control the people around him. This is due to the energy surrounding him that motivates people and make them look up to him. He takes solid decisions that affect his surroundings. When he is in charge, he motivates people into cooperating with him. This individual is creative and makes sure to care for all those involved in doing a particular action.

Enthusiasm brings energy, and this energy affects other people who are around. Even when there are other people who may want to take up leadership, the person who is enthusiastic will be the best fit because people will follow where he leads. An enthusiastic leader rubs off on those who come into contact with them and you can see that they enjoy what they are doing. Enthusiasm makes hard work to pay off and the energy that comes with it will help the individual to be in better control and also gets inspired to reach new heights.

3.5 Strong Interest

When an individual is on this level of the emotional scale, they are able to control things and to also be under control. They show a lot of curiosity in any subject that attracts them. They are able to take control by forming a partnership with others using their creative ideas and lively behavior as leverage.

3.0 Content,  Conservatism

When an individual is in this level on the emotions scale, he is able to control his environment well because he considers things reasonably. He does not bother those under his control. He puts out workable ideas and makes things work with his well-mannered behavior

2.5 Boredom

A person who is mainly associated with boredom does not care to take part or involve themselves in a situation where they will be required to take control. They do not care about being in charge of decision making. When it comes to cooperating with others, they put up an indifferent attitude.

2.0 Open Hostility

This individual only shows hostility towards the people around him. He is not capable of control and only demands obedience so he can obtain the power to hurt other people. He makes sure he gets his aim and this he does by harassing those who he comes across and by criticizing them.

1.5 Anger

People who are at this level of emotions usually feel powerful and invulnerable. They detach from the comfort of the people around them. When they want to control situations, they do the only with the intent of destroying things.  People are not comfortable having them in power or any position of authority and the only way they can get obedience from people is by issuing threats and violent orders.

1.1 Covert Hostility

The people who are permanently on this level are already known for being cunny untrustworthy and malicious. However because they only show their attitude subtly, they gain control by hidden means. The reason for being in control is so that they can destroy things. They are not easily obeyed by people so they work on belittling other people. The only way they can get control or be in top positions or places is by using devious manipulations.

1.0 Fear

Entrusting a position into the care of individuals dominated by fear is a wrong option. They are scared of a lot of things and being in control is not left out. They only care about trying to get help because of imaginary dangers. Because of how afraid they are, they may also influence other people to feel fear and danger.

0.5 Grief

The people who are on this level of the emotional scale rub their grief on others. They only care about getting pity from people. These people can be in charge only when they get people who will worry and alarm over them. That is the only way that they can get people to control. They tell lies to people just so they can be pitied. Pity is the only thing they seek from people and they prey on others emotions.

0.2 Apathy

When a person is in this stage, that person does not care about things that would normally bother others. They are not on control of anything and can’t bring themselves to control anything including themselves. They are always contemplating suicide and they exhibit lack of life just so that people around him will let him be.


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