Emotions Scale and Caring and Taking Responsibility For The Environment

The emotions scale also explains how people on the various levels of the scale show responsibility towards the environment.

4.0 Enthusiasm

When it comes to looking out for the good of the surrounding, people in the enthusiasm level on the emotional scale are very old at that. They are people who are so much involved in caring. Their enthusiastic state makes it easy for them to take responsibility for their surroundings.  Enthusiastic people are those who show much care for other people’s well-being. Having them as friends means a lot because they are usually good and trustworthy friends. Because they want better for the environment, they will make an effort to get power so they can use it for the betterment of society. These people show a lot of concern for the environment and they understand the reality of the problems that the world is facing. They understand destruction, extinction and devastation.

3.5 Strong Interest

When a person is on this level, they show interest in things more than an average person. They pay more attention to other people. Asking such a person to take part in activities that will make the environment better is important because they are responsible. When assigned to a task, they get it done and make sure it’s done diligently. They usually notice when the state of things are improving or declining and they show concern. They are very aware of whatever little thing they can do to make a difference and they do it.

3.0 Content,  Conservatism

People who are in this emotional level take care of the environment with ease because they want to maintain things the way it has been. They do all they can to avoid causing harm but will not take on complex tasks or make very big changes to anything. They are able to carefully cope with responsibility.


2.5 Boredom

When a person is bored, they are not concerned about their surroundings because nothing interests them. They have only very little sense of responsibility and is not concerned with the effects of his actions. This person would only show up to accept easy tasks and they are not trustworthy. They would rather believe that an environmental problem lingers on the surface and is not enough to provoke their action.

2.0 Open Hostility

When a person is showing or displaying open hostility, it is not unusual for that person to neglect the environment. After all, they only have sinister ideas. Whenever they accept roles, they do it in a way that will promote only their destructive intentions. They try to hurt and harm indiscriminately. They do not care about the environment and will not take responsibility.

1.5 Anger

Angry people can not shoulder the responsibility of taking care of the environment. Because of their emotions, they are only concerned about breaking, destroying and showing their violence. Once given the opportunity, they carry out their malicious intentions.

1.1 Covert Hostility

People who are in this mental level have no intention to take care of the environment even though they hide it. They do not always show their bad intentions and so they will pretend that they are taking on or performing a role. In the end, they do not carry on with it and they do not apologize or take responsibility for their actions. Their behavior is unexpected and they are fickle.

1.0 Fear

When a person is on the level of fear, it is unwise to trust such a person with issues regarding the environment. This is because their fear makes them avoid a lot of things. When a person is in fear, they are usually unsure of whether or not they are capable of making things better. They become Afraid of taking up any role and eventually refuse to take responsibility. They feel helpless because they don’t know feel safe and they still do nothing about changing the environment.

0.5 Grief

This level on the emotional scale makes people a little disoriented. They do not care about the environment because they would rather stick up accusing fingers and blame someone else for their failure. Such a person thinks that they should not be responsible for anything and others should be held to ransom for any occurrence. Because of their fear, they also demand much care from those around them. With this attitude, it will be wrong to entrust the responsibility of any kind to them.

0.2 Apathy

These people have only little idea about responsibility. They are already detached from reality and do not even know anything about it to bother caring.


When examining the way people react to the environment and the way it is connected to their emotional level, it is important to put the situation encountered into consideration.



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