Emotions Scale and It’s Connection To Interpersonal Communication

With the emotional scale, you can know how to harness your people skills and communicate effectively with people who are on different emotional levels.

4.0 Enthusiasm

People on this level give and receive good & pleasant communication. They enthusiastically converse with other people. Because of their level on the emotional scale, they are able to create complete understanding.

These kind of people are strong communicators because their enthusiasm adds power to their communication. They are able to generate energy when they speak and people will begin to see them as powerful.

3.5 Strong Interest

People on this level of the emotional scale always communicate ideas with interest. They show interest in relating to people and after putting out their own thoughts, they agree to receive ideas. Communicating with these kinds of people is usually very pleasant. Making positive interactions require interest and this is their forte. They are able to communicate and get the results that they need because they are good communicators.

3.0 Content,  Conservatism

Having interpersonal communication with someone on this emotional level can be as less tedious as trying to return a book on an open shelf. They pass on communication without changing it. They are only willing to give and receive communication on agreed subjects and would not want to derail from the main point of discussion. They insist on maintaining calm.

2.5 Boredom

Communicating with bored people can even throw one into the boredom level for a brief while. They prefer casual communication about mundane subjects. They do not really initiate conversations and only listen with little interest. These people are disconnected from everything and so communication is tedious too.

2.0 Open Hostility

It is not very easy to have a peaceful conversation with people like this. They deride good communication. When they have to communicate with people, you can hear them threatening and belittling other people’s value. They usually do not enjoy communicating unless they are intimidating others and they easily burst out shouting and is often loud.

1.5 Anger

When a person is often in the state of anger, such person destroys lines of communication. They are not willing to clearly understand a conversation before reeling out unpleasant statements. They say and listens to offensive or damaging messages. They do not hide their anger and often openly express loathing and even hatred. People in this stage are not easily approachable because they always carry an angry countenance. Unless it is very necessary, nobody will want to converse or communicate with someone whose default mode is angry. You can only get to these ones when you’re able to establish a state of urgency.

1.1 Covert Hostility

When a person is on this emotional stage, such person is cunning. They may seem like they enjoy communication and they engage in it but they usually have other intentions that may not really be pleasant for the other party. They gossip and tell lies because of the need to pass as someone who can keep a conversation when deep down, they are only hostile and need information for sinister reasons. They can distort messages and it will be good for a person who wishes to communicate with them to be on alert and not indulge them in certain conversations.

1.0 Fear

When a person is always afraid, that fear will also be transferred to communications that have such others. The person in the fear level is afraid of conversations. They do all they can to cut communication short and receives negative communication. You can find them stammering or talking hesitantly. When a person harbors fear they have difficulty speaking because they usually overthink their words before it comes out of their mouths and this even makes it harder for them to actually say what they wanted to say. Because if that overthinking, they usually forget or mishear what is being said. Speaking to them will require caution and constant reassurance.

0.5 Grief

These people who are on this level of the emotional scale do not even accept conversations except when it fuels their grief. They can break out in tears, make their talk unclear and use broken words. They suck for pity and only encourage communications that revolve around the cause of their grief. They are always willing to accept depressive talk. Having to communicate with these people means falling down to their level of emotion because they are preoccupied most times with catastrophes.

0.2 Apathy

When a person is at this level, it is totally difficult to coerce or start any form of conversation. They do not give or receive any communication. They are mostly enclosed in a state of shock, and so have nothing to do with communication. No form of communication goes on with anybody and this makes them ignore others feelings and leads to neglect by others.

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