Emotions scale and its connection to our marital status and children

Emotions scale and its connection to our marital status and children

The emotional scale can also explain the attitude of humans on several emotional levels and how their emotions affect their marital relationships and children if they have any.

4.0 Enthusiasm

The person whose emotions lie on the enthusiasm level of the emotional scale is a loving person. They know how to transfer their enthusiasm to their family members and all those who come in contact with them. They have the qualities needed to cultivate a family. They give the most care to their children and they devote everything they have into making them feel loved. They are the kind of partners that will welcome their lovers back from a trip with hugs and kisses and many beautiful warm greetings. They bring sparks into their families and relationships. A person on this level is very much alive and enjoys sexual relations with their partners. They are usually able to convert the sexual drive into a much more creative experience. Because of their free and exciting nature, family members feel comfortable when they are around them.

3.5 Strong Interest

A person who shows a strong interest in things is naturally a curious person. They try to use their curiosity to understand their family members. They are so concerned about the family. They keep their partner happy because they are faithful. These people have so much positive energy around them and they enjoy having sexual relations. They are good to their family because they love children and the members of their family also love having them around.

3.0 Content,  Conservatism

This person likes to maintain the status quo. If his family is happy, he’d like to keep to it that way. He takes care of his family and children. A person who is in this emotional level shows interest in having sexual relations with their partner. You can’t find these kinds of individuals making public displays of love. They usually find subtle ways of expressing their love because they are shy. These people are able to earn the respect of their family members.

2.5 Boredom

People who are on this level does not really show much affection to their family or their spouses. They have only little interest in sex. They are usually difficult to please and do not have any patience for little children. These people are so only liked by a few members of the family sometimes.

2.0 Open Hostility

Those family members who seem to always start fights and quarrels fall into this emotional level. They have issues with their spouse, other members and even get on their children’s nerves. They have a huge repulsion for sex. Their family members so not spare even a little love for them.

1.5 Anger

This kind of person is a total burden on his family members. This kind of person usually overreacts a lot as a result of anger. Their anger is usually destructive and this makes them cruel towards his children and spouse. You can never find them being friendly towards family and as a result, he is loathed. They are unfaithful to their spouse and does not care about sexual relations except when they want to use it as a punishment.

1.1 Covert Hostility

This person on this emotional level is destructive. They are always hurling abuses on their spouse and have the tendency to harm their family because they are dangerous. They do not consider their partners sexually because they are reckless and have very unusual sexual activities. They can be seen putting down their children and hurting them emotionally. Extended family members usually have no regard for them.

1.0 Fear

Having a family relation that is mostly on this emotional level entails having to be suspected for any little happening. They are usually suspicious of their partners and relations. They are very much scared of giving or receiving love. Their children may eventually get infected with fear. Their sexual activities may not please their spouses because they are involved in different perversions. People on this emotional level only succeed in incurring the hate of their family members.

0.5 Grief

They let their mood affect everything that they do. They are a huge burden on their family and spouse. Whenever people come across this individual, the only thing they feel for them is pity because of their state of grief. They do not have sex and makes only a few attempts to take part in sexual activities. This person is always exhibiting fear and anxiety for his children.

0.2 Apathy

People who are constantly at this emotional level are regarded as a burden by their relatives. However, these relatives so not spare attention for them. They usually have no interests in building a family or having sex or having children. They are totally detached from having relationships with anyone.

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