Emotions scale and our ability to contribute to the society

Emotions scale and our ability to contribute to the society

4.0 Enthusiasm

An enthusiastic person is one who puts in a lot of energy in being creative and diligent when carrying out tasks for the benefit of everyone. They are the ones that use the high personal skills innate in them to make the society better. They create awareness and show care in the society. They show activeness in groups that do things to make the society better.

Enthusiasm can make people feel motivated enough to make forward movements in a positive direction. An enthusiastic person is moved to make actions that bring up beautiful and positive results in the society. When a person is mostly on this enthusiastic stage, they are accompanied by a certain charisma that affects how they influence the society. People around them are affected by the spark they carry and this makes them align with them in their bid to make the society better.

3.5 Strong Interest

When a person is permanently on this level, they show interest in their society. They are able to perform their tasks as well as is possible just to make the society better. They bring up ideas that benefits them and others. When taking part in combined tasks, they do it diligently and consistently.

3.0 Content,  Conservatism

When a person is mostly on this level, he does his best to act under direction. He contributes positively to the society. Although the individual may not initiate much, they are still very much consistent in their efforts.

In a society, content people are not really complacent. Their drives and aspirations still has an impact on the society and they go all out in their wish to make the world a better place. Content people may be comfortable in the state of the society but it doesn’t stop them from wanting to have a better tomorrow. They allow their emotions help them create a niche for themselves in the society and appreciate what they can find.

2.5 Boredom

A person who is always in the boredom state adapts to his environment and is obedient to laws or rules. This individual works well under supervision and even has value but can not start up or take the initiative to effect any change in the society on their own.

These kind of people quickly lose perception of the meaning of the activities being carried out. Some research has shown that boredom leads people into taking up behaviours that affect the society positively like participating in charity.

2.0 Open Hostility

When a person is always on this part of the scale, he is more destructive than constructive. This individual is bound to be a danger to the society because of his hostility and the urge to hurt other people. A person who is on this stage not only ruins the society but attacks those who make it better and is only consistent in destruction.

1.5 Anger

When a person is always on the anger level, he is aggressive, destructive and violent. This signifies that he does not help out in any way and will probably let the society fall apart. He does not help much to make anything work because he is only interested in causing harm. Angry people do not enter into healthy and supportive relationships as much as others because of their aggression.

In every society, it is difficult for an angry person to make things better even if they are being offered support and this is because they are cynical towards other people and do not even recognize or take advantage of support when it is being made available to them. They also do not even realize how bad the impact of their behavior is on the society.

1.1 Covert Hostility

This kind of individual is cunning and is able to hide his evil intentions. They are usually found causing worry and tension to others in a society and do not perform assignments with keenness.

1.0 Fear

This individual is scared of acting for the society. People in this level on the emotions scale are always seeking assurance before they do any task. They hide behind other people and blame them for the consequences of an action. Their fear can affect their groups, societies, communities and even the world at large. It makes them to make poor decisions and can spark hatred  and violence in the society

0.5 Grief

This individual is a total burden on society. The only thing they show consistence in is self-destruction. They mostly concern themselves with catastrophes. They do not make the society better because they lack motivation, do not make decisions easily or concentrate and they are confused.

0.2 Apathy

Being in this level means having an attitude that is worse than indifference. They eventually become a big burden on the society because their helplessness.

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