Emotions scale and our ability to learn in order to acquire knowledge

Emotions scale and our ability to learn in order to acquire knowledge

4.0 Enthusiasm

Acquiring knowledge is meant to be a deliberate act and only those who really have the zeal to get it succeed. A person who is mostly on the enthusiasm level of the emotional scale is always exhibiting curiosity. This individual has a great thirst for knowledge and goes out to seek it. And when they do find it, they are able to grab and assimilate every information they are being given and understand it. Whenever possible, they make use of the knowledge they gain in the creation and developing entrepreneurial pursuits. For a person to concentrate on acquiring knowledge, they have to be excited about that knowledge. People who are on this emotional level also help others to gain more knowledge because those they are instructing are influenced positively by the vibes and energy they give off.

3.5 Strong Interest

A person on this emotional level of the scale is very educated and can engage successfully in a good study session. This individual can be found doing creative things with the knowledge acquired just to make sure that everyone benefits.

A person who is always having strong interest applies it to learning too. Because of the level of interest, they are able to find passion in whatever topic of their choice. Their interest makes the topic enjoyable to learn. Already, it is natural for anybody to soak up a lot of information especially when they have an interest in learning that subject. People who are on this emotional level, however, find it easier because of their emotional wiring.

3.0 Content,  Conservatism

When a person’s emotions are predominantly on contentment, such person shows much diligence on his studies and spends time absorbing only required subjects. This individual does not seek to try out new subjects.

When a person is on this scale it is easier for them to evaluate the knowledge they have gotten.

2.5 Boredom

Being on this emotional level makes an individual somewhat averse to learning. In fact, boredom and learning are two words that should remain far away from each other. When a person is temporarily bored, he loses interest in anything related to learning or new information and this situation is heightened in a person who is permanently on the emotional level of boredom. This individual is too lazy to seek new knowledge because he is satisfied with that which he already has. He learns only little and that is restricted to things that are of immediate necessity.

2.0 Open Hostility

The hostile person does not see education as necessary. They deride education. They make no effort to learn anything new unless the knowledge will help them achieve destructive goals.

1.5 Anger

Having a few episodes of anger may make people do irrational things but people who are permanently on this level of the emotional scale doesn’t worse than that.

They totally avoid knowledge and would even go as far as hurting those who teach or study. Even when they are coerced into learning, they refuse to learn and shut themselves out and this means they do not make logical conclusions. You don’t see people whose emotions border on anger getting or making use of new knowledge. Rather, they spend time churning out and spreading lies.

1.1 Covert Hostility

Because this individual is aggressive but does not show it, they do everything to object to learning and acquisition of knowledge. Even when they set out to learn, they do it just to receive and distribute false information which could be used for destructive purposes. They could be seen making attacks on educated people and educators too.

1.0 Fear

Being consumed by fear makes a person not to welcome knowledge or education. This kind of individual is usually scared of what knowledge may expose them to and chooses to remain ignorant and not know about anything. They even make efforts to turn people away from knowing. Even when others coerce them into acquiring knowledge, they show only weak concentration.

When a student is filled with the fear of failure, that student can be seen to have a spike in their motivation but they have a negative attitude to learning. Students who develop the fear of failure adopt their goals only to boost their ego and not to acquire knowledge.

0.5 Grief

When a person is grieving, there is no awareness of anything else and no interest in any form of knowledge acquisition. This individual lacks concentration and is concerned with only himself and whatever predicament he is in. When an individual is in this state, there will be no mention of the study because the attention is scattered.

0.2 Apathy

A person in this emotion level assimilates random information without trying to apply any form of judgment. There is no ability to learn anything and apply knowledge. A person in this state does not bother about getting knowledge because he doesn’t seem to need it.

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