Emotions scale in connection to integrity and sense of justice

Emotions scale in connection to integrity and sense of justice

The emotions scale helps us to make brief conclusions on the attitudes of individuals in the various emotional levels as it connects and relates to integrity and a sense of justice.

4.0 Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm makes an individual at peace and in alignment with the things around him. This means that he is honest and always shows a high level of justice. When faced with a situation that involves taking sides and passing judgment, the person on this emotional level will make his decisions based on wisdom, logic and the vast knowledge he has acquired. Even if the situation needing justice is directly related to him, he does all it takes to fight for his values.

An enthusiastic person has a steady faith in the universe and its work because he sees himself as part of it. Because he is aware of spiritual laws, he tries his best to live based on their principles. This attitude and the fact that he is honest with himself helps him to make better judgments. This individual does not concern himself with favoritism and makes sure to include fairness both injustice and at all times. They make sure that people are treated in an equal manner. I

3.5 Strong Interest

An individual on this level is usually truthful, sincere and honest. Because they put out their interest in whatever it is they do, they make sure that justice is brought to those in need of it. They also have values of their own and it influences their integrity.

3.0 Content,  Conservatism

This individual on this level is honest and true. They have their morals and keep to it. The attitude of this individual to justice is dependent on whatever value was instilled in them while they were growing up since they do not change much.

2.5 Boredom

When a person is on this level on the emotional stage, his behavior towards justice may depend on several underlying factors. This kind of person doesn’t tell the truth at all times and may even choose to lie to distort reality. Because of their emotional state, they have only a few principles that they do not really make an effort to protect.

2.0 Open Hostility

When an individual is firmly on this level of the emotional scale, they do not take part in making justice happen or getting justice for those who need it. Rather they distort reality and make situations worse. People who are openly hostile only end up ruining other people’s integrity and faith. They are neither trustworthy nor reliable.

1.5 Anger

Anger is an emotion that relates to self-preservation. But when a person is permanently on this state, the person is more self-destructive and does only immoral things. This person can not steer justice towards a positive direction, only negatively because they lie and negate the truth. All their actions bother on delinquency and crime. When a person is on this state, they would rather cause harm to people seeking justice than help them achieve it.

1.1 Covert Hostility

This individual on this level of the emotional scale is filled with only treacherous thoughts. Any actions they take regarding a situation will only be done with malicious intent. When a person on this emotional level is involved in making judgments, he does it with dishonesty. You will find him putting up a facade of self-righteousness and false morality just so that he can attack and criticize other people.

1.0 Fear

When a person is afraid, that person tells a lot of lies just to escape punishments. Even when they are unable to find real stories to buttress their points, they still go on to invent reality just to make sure that justice is not served even when it is deserved. Because they are dominated by fear, they have no value and can only be brought to discipline by fear. The fear of justice is the only thing that can keep them away from bad intentions because they originally do not have integrity.

0.5 Grief

When a person is grieving, that person is incapable of making his own thoughts. In a situation where justice is needed, this individual will rather say what others expect of him no matter what the truth is. They are not totally relevant to justice because of their unstable emotions. A person on this emotional level does nothing to stand up for justice and does not take responsibility for any word he says or action he performs.

0.2 Apathy

On this level of emotions, nothing matters to the individual. Not the truth or the lie. They are unconcerned about justice and has no use of integrity. They prefer to be left alone in peace.

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