How A person’s permanent position on the Emotions Scale determines his skills and the quality of his performance in all areas of life?

How A person’s permanent position on the Emotions Scale determines his skills and the quality of his performance in all areas of life?
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Everybody has a particular permanent position on the Emotions Scale. Apart from the fluctuations of your emotions, the Emotions Scale has a lot more influence in your life. The permanent position where you remain in on the Emotions Scale pretty much determines your skills and the quality of its performance in all areas of life.

Summary of the table of skills

The table of skills contains a few of the necessary skills for a full, satisfying and successful life. The table is made up of nine skills. Paying attention to this table means that you seek to know how the skills that are related to the place on the emotion scale affects your life.

  1. Affinity toward others
  2. Creating an agreement with others
  3. Interpersonal communication
  4. Responsibility for one’s environment
  5. Control of others
  6. Contribution to society
  7. Acquiring knowledge and learning; 8. Integrity and sense of justice
  8. Marital relations and children.

What you can do with the table of skills

If you really know how to use the table of skills then you can find out a lot about someone. First, you can determine on what location on the Emotions Scale an individual maintains just by looking at his actions and words. When you spend time to observe and spot the activity arena, success and behavior of a person over time then you can predict and determine their emotions.

One other important thing that you could do is to expand this table to include and accommodate other personality traits where the quality of performance rises and falls.

Since it tells us a person’s point on the Emotions scale, there can still be a lot we won’t know.

It could be that the person is under a lot of social pressure and therefore shows only the good manners that we all want to see. This will make it easier for such individuals to hide their true permanent nature.

However, whether a person hides their nature or not the Table of Skills will provide as much information as needed about a person’s behavior. This knowledge will help you to predict their behavior and reactions to situations.


Having studied a person and seeing the person as always critical, a gossip and always wishing others bad tidings, then that person can be placed on suspicions. When the individuals do not accept any responsibility for mishaps that occur and blames others, makes other people feel hurt and tries to secretly take control, then it is already obvious that he is a 1.1. People like that should be totally avoided. You can’t find it easy to be a steady friend or partner with this kind of person. Having any kind of relationship with this kind of person will only lead to disaster and problems because of the emotions he displays. When in an office, he is the bad worker and it is not advisable to carry out businesses with him. But a person who behaves in an opposite manner is the kind of person you’d really want to have around you.

Apart from this, you can use the study you get from the Table of Skills and analyze the people around you that you meet every day. The table will let you know people who you should keep away from. People you should keep away from are those who have it in them to drown you in a storm and ruin the good things you have.

However, it also provides knowledge of partners and people that will only work with you towards your success and prosperity.


This goes a long way to say how much the table of skills affects our emotions. If we are able to avoid those people who will cause us harm and only relate with those who will help us then our emotions will improve a lot.

Also, even if we are meant to meet up with people who should normally be avoided, we’ll do that with care in our minds because we already know how their permanent emotions are like and how to avoid them.

Although all talk about this table of emotions seems like something you’d use to control or observe other people. The first person you should try to understand with this table of skills is yourself.

How is your attitude like? Do people complain about your actions a lot? You might go on thinking that an individual is a terrible one and is causing you a lot of grief without knowing that you are the foundation of everything that is taking place. Knowing your own emotions and finding how you really act could help save you a lot of misunderstandings.

You may even find out that you are the one fitting into social pressure and that your permanent emotion is not really what you believe it is.

We will explain the table of emotions in subsequent posts.

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