What is Survival and How You Can Use it to Find Your Best State

What is Survival and How You Can Use it to Find Your Best State

There is one thing common to all living things, the need and desire to achieve infinite survival. That’s the bedrock of our thoughts, actions and the decisions we make as humans.

You may wonder, to what end are your struggles? Why do you take the decisions you do? What fuels your actions? Why do you seek to preserve yourself at all costs?

Surviving is just another way to define Life. It’s what the living do. Getting by everyday is just a complex way of saying ‘survive’

When you are no longer able to survive, then you come face to face with death. Some people fear the word ‘survive’ but in truth, it is not supposed to be dreaded or treated like an awful curse.

What really is survival?

It means having the hunger to continue to strive and exist without being bound by time, resources and space. By surviving, we are eager to continue living eternally while we also keep on making the quality of our existence better.

Existing is not a one way thing. It’s not something that happens like a two-way switch. It’s not a yes/no, life/death, or on/off, black/white situation. But survival has a lot of steps.

You need to follow the various ladder like scale of qualities and experience all the necessary states, feel everything.

Humans start their journey from a lower state and keep rising trying to improve existence.

The lowest point is the ‘Zero’ state of death. The highest is the point where you feel eternal survival, where there is perfect peace and transcendent bliss. Between these two states, you have to go through a lot of middle grounds, pass a lot of phases before you can improve your existence.

The lowest part is something you don’t like while the topmost part is what you wish to achieve. It can be likened to a scale where Death is at the bottom and the top is Existential Peace where you can experience complete joy of living, freedom, life understanding, full power and spiritual calm.

This topmost part of the scale is denoted by the mathematical infinity symbol. It is at this point that you feel that you feel like an eternal spiritual being. You become rid of worry about suffering or death.

This state can not be gotten to quite easily. But when you observe the human life, it is clear that this realm of total spiritual freedom is what we all work towards.

Looking thoroughly at the detailed stages that man has to pass through on his journey from death up to complete peace of mind will reveal that what determines his progress is the various emotions that characterize the Scale of Human Existence.

This scale is known by different tags;

The Emotions Scale

The Quality of Survival Scale

The scale of Progression from Death to Eternity

The Stages to Complete Freedom

The Steps to Personal Power


How This Scale Affects Us

Not many people know how the Scale of Existence and Emotions operate in our lives. Let’s look at it with this example. Long ago, Steve started out at dawn for a hike up the mountain close to his hometown which was at the foot of the Canadian Rockies. He went with a backpack, some food that was meant to last him several hours, a bottle of water and his walking stick.

He walked from the trail that led from his house to the mountainside. As he went farther, he began to get a clear view of the town below. He saw the rooftops, the snowy mountain peaks and the vivid green of tall trees. The blue sky was filled with birds chirping as they welcomed him, he could see a squirrel prancing around the trees and a deer, running in the meadow beneath.

When Steve reached the mountain top and looked down at the river flowing toward the faraway ocean, there were silvery salmons leaping. He could see the entire world below him.


How does he feel?

At this point, Steve is completely calm. He is experiencing infinity and has no worries bothering him. It is this emotion he feel that makes him confident and it is called the Serenity of Being.

While climbing the mountain earlier, he was filled with enthusiasm but now that he’s at the peak, he is no longer enthusiastic but has a rare sensation and feels completely at peace. He begins to see himself as an eternal spiritual being with no link to the material world.

Our emotions serve as an indicator of where we are aligned at the moment. When you feel worse, it means you’re less aligned. When you feel better, it means you’re more aligned.

What you’re thinking will determine where your focus is at.

One very important thing to understand about the emotional scale is that you can’t skip a point on the scale or jump very far. The changes are only made incrementally.

You move up the scale gradually while the lower steps help in building the top. Although, following the steps one after the other does not mean it will be slow, but you can’t skip it. You have to gradually work your way up because the process has to happen in stages.

A person can’t go from utter misery to complete joy because at the point of being far down in the scale, you can’t conceive the concept of complete joy.

Being awakened is a progression from darkness to light. Whether you choose the path to awakening or something people’s you to it, there’s no turning back despite the different ups and downs that plague the journey. But once you get to the destination, you’ll see the beauty of the world with an open mind and a very clear vision.

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