The LifePower Library

LifePower is an applied philosophy that enables everyone to enhance their abilities and improve all areas of life. With the wisdom contained in these books and the courses delivered in our academies – you can learn, drill, and apply knowhow to change your life.

About the Author

The author of the LifePower Library is Dani Lemberger. Here are a few words by him about himself:

Hi, my name is Dani Lemberger, the author of the books that comprise the LifePower library. I would like to share with you what prompted me to write these books.

For over fifty years, since I remember myself as an aware person, I have been restless with a passion for understanding life and human existence: Why are we here? What is the purpose of life? What happens when our body dies? Can we raise our abilities and rid ourselves of traumas that haunt us? How do we create prosperous organizations with our fellows and get along better with those close to us?

These questions have been coupled with an avid interest in economics, politics, business, and human history; and a love of the arts, nature, traveling, and music.

My formal education includes a bachelor’s degree in economics and statistics from Haifa University, Israel, and a Master of Business Administration degree with Distinction, from INSEAD – The European Institute of Administration – in Fontainebleau, France. Following my studies, I have held leading managerial and consulting positions in Israel and the United States. Over the past years, I have developed several international enterprises in real estate, consulting, and personal training.

In seeking spiritual growth and higher awareness, I have studied and experienced diverse philosophies and a multitude of practices. In 1980, while living in San Francisco, my wife and I began studying the applied philosophy of America’s most prolific writer and renowned life researcher, Ron Hubbard. We found here tools that one can learn, drill, and apply to bring about a marked improvement in human conditions. We have chosen to focus on becoming experts in this field and its widespread dissemination.

In 1992, we returned to Haifa, Israel, and founded Dror Center, a home dedicated to raising abilities and bringing all participants to higher awareness levels. We were soon joined by several partners, and people from around the globe continue to come to enjoy our diverse courses and our unique counseling programs.

Now, I believe it would be unforgivable selfishness on my part not to share with others that which I have discovered. It is my duty to make available to you – and all who seek truth and understanding – the knowledge I have gained. You may observe its benefit to you and choose if it is worth your while to study and experiment with it. You shall determine how to apply this information for success in your life’s endeavors.

Thus, I embarked on this huge task of recording our group’s vast expertise and began writing the LifePower books. This has evolved into a library of seven books, and more are coming. We have also developed websites, charts, catalogs, and a variety of study aids.

Thousands of people around the world are working with our materials and reporting dramatic improvements in their lives. I wish the same for you. I invite you to join the adventure, and, in the words of Hubbard: May you never be the same again.

Thank you.