Listening is the implementation of LifePower processes by the coach for another person. In Listening, the coach serves the role of the Listener, while the person receiving the Listening is called the Preclear. Why Preclear? Because the person receiving Listening clears up for himself issues which touch his life and also advance himself towards the condition of a Clear.

Through Listening, the Listener asks the Preclear questions taken from LifePower processes. When the Preclear gives an answer, he develops his abilities and becomes more aware of different conditions in his life. The uniqueness of LifePower is in meticulous implementation of technology which is based on exact processes which enable the Preclear to overcome barriers, to break free from the damaging influences of the subconscious and thus to move towards the Clear condition.

Pay attention, we do not use the word “therapy” but rather “listening”! Therapy usually means one person is the expert who does something to the patient, whose position is passive. In the process of Listening it is important that also the person who receives the process, the Preclear, acquires the knowledge so as to be an active participant in receiving the processes. To this end, we have we have prepared The “Guide to the Preclear”, a booklet which is a summary of the information from LifePower with which the Listener uses to prepare the Preclear for Listening.

The Preclear improves his abilities and increases his awareness after examining his life experience and viewing the content of traumatic events which has accumulated in his life. He does not expect the Listener to explain things to him, to give him recommendation and to analyze his feelings, responses or his past for him.

For additional information about Listening and LifePower processes, you can turn to any of our coaches. The coach has gone through training as a Listener and is an expert in running LifePower courses and providing Listening. With the help of a coach you can make sure progress towards the condition of a Clear!

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