Moti Weizman

LifePower coach since 2000.

The desire to understand what stands behind human behavior and I could help my self and my friends struggle with life’s hardships grew within me.

My natural tendency is more scientific-logical and therefore I turned to more technical fields of work. 

At a certain stage in my life, the manager at my place of work “dragged” me to a LifePower lecture and from there an introductory course. I soon understood that here lies fascinating information which explains human behavior in a logical and scientific way. The material I learned in the introductory course and in the many additional courses I did provided me with answers to many questions which I had already lost hope trying to find answers for. Today I understand well the different behavioral mechanisms of myself and of those around me and how to struggle with them with great certainty.

Additionally, I received many processes which helped me to break free from these unwanted mechanisms which I had, fears, barriers, pain and anger, and to become a more complete, relaxed, decisive and focused person.

LifePower is unique in that it does not solve a person’s problems, but rather gives him the ability and tools to solve them by himself. At LifePower I did not receive advice, but rather I became the best advisor for myself. 

I always wanted to help my friends when they experienced mental frustration in life. I tended to listen to them and give advice, but I saw that this did not really help them. When I discovered LifePower’s training I understood that here I would receive practical tools which really can help. And that’s what happened. As a LifePower coach you learn to make use of exact processes which bring about almost immediate results.

I train LifePower coaches. I do this with the aid of the learning method which is also unique to LifePower.
Each student has his own learning pace and therefore LifePower’s training is not conducted via frontal lectures, but rather via one-on-one learning with guidance and mentoring. The training includes a drill which is done in pairs and practical apprenticeship under close supervision. The goal is to produce skilled coaches who can confidently run LifePower processes and achieve excellent results.

It is important for me to point out that LifePower’s method is intended to give people more abilities. It is excellent for anyone who wants to take responsibility over themselves and their surroundings. It is not intended for those who choose to be a victim of their surroundings and expect someone to “save” them with the help of some magic pill.

Look at each condition in your life from the point of view that you are responsible over that condition and from here the solution will come.


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