Executive Freedom

In any significant effort that you make, other people are involved. You may have bright ideas and outstanding initiative – still, your actions bear fruit only in co-action with others. This book has the knowledge you require to create and participate in an organization where all prosper and each achieves their goals while maintaining personal freedom.

341 Pages

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This book is for you, if...

  • You just opened a new business and require expertise to make it grow.
  • You feel overwhelmed with your job’s duties and feel as if it is impossible to fulfil them.
  • You don’t know how to manage your team at work.
  • Your business’ statistics keep going up and down and you need the tools to stabilize it.
  • The idea of managing others fills you with fear or confusion.

Here you will learn…

  • What are the three building blocks of any organization, and how do we keep them coordinated?
  • What is the Accomplishment Ladder that will enable you to establish and achieve your goals?
  • You will learn how to keep statistics of your performance and apply the Conditions Formulas that will help you monitor and boost your business in any situation.
  • ‘The Why Is God’ – what does this mean and how do you implement this vital datum?
  • You will discover how to create your winning team and acquire the tools to solve problems regarding staff, suppliers, and customers.
  • You will learn crucial data to identify the organization’s evil-doers – the people, procedures, or practices – that destroy your organization from within and actively prevent you from succeeding. You will gain the understanding and tools to deal with these ‘internal enemies’ and wipe them out.

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Spirit – the Goal Maker

You have a bright idea, or you observe that others have some need that you can fulfill. You make some nice cake, or Steve Jobs invents a better computer or Pierre Cardin fantasizes a stunning dress or Santiago Calatrava envisions an amazing bridge. Every product comes into being from somebody’s bright idea. The originator of the bright idea we call the org’s ‘Spirit’. It is also the ‘Source’ of the organization. Without that someone and his vision, the org would never have come into existence. There had to be an individual, who came up with some novel idea and then started giving it form in the real, physical, universe. This guy, or gal, is the org’s spirit or source.
If source’s idea was really cool, if your chocolate-almond cake was real tasty, then people start flooding your tiny home bakery. You soon must move out to larger facilities, plus your spouse hates the flour dusting the bedroom. At the new place, you need help since many more clients demand bags of cookies. Pretty soon, hotel chains, restaurants and supermarkets want your product. You are stunned to realize that your creation, ‘Sweets for my Sweet’ has mushroomed into a huge operation with hundreds of co-workers. Well, it did take several years but we’re trying to be brief here.

As you grow and more people join the team, you are still the source of the org, its spirit. You come up with the bright ideas, you choose the winning recipes that become addictive to the masses; you are the visionary. And if this organization is to continue to exist, it must always have new distant goals to guide its course. Who dreams up the goals? You, the ‘Goal Maker’.

We have come up with a few synonyms to describe this lofty position – the org’s Spirit, Source, Visionary, Originator or Goal Maker.
This individual is not only where the org started. For the org to keep on going, even after hundreds of years, it must always have a visionary, someone constantly making fresh goals for its future. When you stop dreaming you die – true of a person, true of an org. The greatest org still has an individual dreaming and communicating its goals for a grand future.

History has given us plenty examples of mammoth failures. Hitler was a crackpot who brought ruin upon Europe and beyond. But for a few years in the 1920’s -1930’s, a majority of Germans (and too many Italians, Japanese, Spaniards and others) were captivated by his vision of a higher race ruling the world and society cleansed of lower creatures. True – shockingly crazy and destructive – but well enough articulated and loudly enough communicated, for millions to follow and elevate this vile demagogue as their Goal Maker. How tragic and thus how vital we learn the lesson.

For an organization to prosper over many years, it must have a vision that benefits a great many people who become part of it – workers or investors – or its supporters: clients, suppliers, bankers, and regulators. An org that creates wealth and welfare for society at large will flourish for many years to come. But there must always be the lodestar who shines the light into the distant future and provides hope of better life.