The Story of C and I

Formulating goals for self and progressing tenaciously to their realization necessitates skilled control of the environment. One must also be capable of imbuing others with the intention to accomplish the desired purpose and complete designated tasks.

This book contains the five Control and Intention Drills which when practiced to perfection, will make you a person of commanding presence with whom others will desire to work, play and create.

113 Pages

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This book is for you, if...

  • You have a hard time getting others to cooperate with you.
  • You are hesitant and indecisive.
  • Your progress is slow and you cannot accomplish what you want.
  • You often stop doing things before you finish them.
  • You avoid positions of leadership, allowing others to ‘run you around’.

Here you will learn…

  • How to take control of your life and help those around you through positive intention.
  • How to effortlessly get people to cooperate with you.
  • How to make your intentions come true and radiate power.
  • How to be decisive with real serenity and confidence.

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What Made Control Bad

In our society control has become disreputable, the word itself, ‘control’ almost a dirty word. It has been thoroughly dirtied by people twisting and abusing it. Individuals and governments have perverted the idea of control by using it to the detriment of those around. Control has become synonymous with the subjugation or submission of others over whom they have power or influence. In many societies, control and punishment have become the same thing. So over the years and to the benefit of a few, man has drifted away from positive control. To most people it means, “I will beat you until you do as I say.”, or “I will threaten you until you comply.” That is not control, that is tyranny or suppression.

Governments have been a major contributor to dirtying the subject of control by using duress to enforce compliance. Government’s role is to lead, guide and take good care of its populace. This necessitates that people agree to be directed and at times take orders from officials, seniors, a policeman or a judge in court. The only people who disobey a government are the few who can’t take orders. So the government issues orders and punishments to inhibit the people who refuse to accept guidance. But if they can’t take orders and directions, doesn’t matter how many laws or how many threats are made, they’ll never pay attention to them. Some such criminals, it doesn’t matter how often they’re jailed – they’ll never reform. And thus we arrive at the complexity and to most, the incomprehensibility, of our present criminal system.

Most governments in history, and many still nowadays, seek to serve themselves or a small elite that is ‘in control’. This is the ruling clique that subjugates the people with violence or threats, giving favors to its lackeys and depriving all others. They enact laws which carry with them a penalty since otherwise they would lose domination over the people. And that’s an interesting observation because control, to be beneficial and acceptable, cannot carry with it duress or punishment. Thus control in government has become a dirty word.

Terminology has become confused or has been purposely blurred. Some ‘do-gooders’ or vague idealists may say, “Well, we mustn’t punish anybody, we mustn’t command anybody, we mustn’t control anyone…” No! These things don’t follow. ‘We shouldn’t punish people’ is not consistent with, ‘we shouldn’t control anybody’, but usually is thus misconstrued in our society.

You can find ‘control’ twisted in marriages too. It is not rare that you find couples having a lot of quarrels on the basis of control. Often, in a relationship, each of them is trying to control the other and at the same time to avoid the control by his partner. They do this it in many ways, most of them indirect. Here’s two examples to give you a clue: He scatters his soiled socks all over the bedroom, disobeying her request to throw them in the laundry bin. In retaliation, she buys expensive clothes disregarding his begs to economize. And they both blame the other for having ‘started it.’

It usually never occurs to such a couple that as long as she cannot control herself, he will have to try to control her. And as long as he refuses to control himself, she finds herself forced to put controls on him. And the relationship goes downhill because they’re getting awfully busy with controlling each other and chopping up the other’s controls. And when they’ve reduced each other’s control to zero, we have the standard wrecked family.

In business and organization, we have the manager or owner who seeks to work with weaklings only or control their staff through fear of dismissal. The members of the organization are cowed into obedience yet the organization fails because creativity and enthusiasm have been choked.

Now, if anyone has arrived at the conclusion that control is bad and that they had better stay away from it, then they should also better stay away from life. If a person does not want to be controlled by anything at all, they should go live in another universe. In this universe that we live in, life is a constant interplay of controlling and being controlled. Thus, if you don’t want to be controlled against your will by something or someone else, then you had better learn control. And you must learn to lead and control well enough so that you can knowingly accept or reject the duty to control others, or their necessity to control you.