Your Mind’s Efficiency


Your Mind’s Efficiency: Anatomy of the Mind and Improving its Performance, summarizes the key principles that appear in our major textbook, LifePower: Achieving Power in all Realms of Life. It presents the functions of the human mind and how you may raise its efficiency, using the simple techniques of LifePower.

Further, we aim to enable you to ascend rapidly on the Route to Spiritual Freedom and attain the State of Clear. What is a Clear? It is a person whose mind operates at optimal efficiency, who thinks clearly and enjoys high personal power.

This book is part of the LifePower library where you shall find knowledge for understanding life, an opportunity to realize your full potentialities and even a rewarding profession as a LifePower Coach!
We invite you to embark on a thrilling journey, the adventure that is you. We believe the highest purpose of life is to help others and to create a better world. Thousands of individuals around the world have joined us as LifePower partners.

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