LifePower Coach course

The aim of the course is to train the LifePower Coach. At the end of their training they will be able to successfully run Listening processes with the aim of removing all hidden charges in the subconscious. We don’t change the past, we do change the location of inputs in our brains and undo the negative influence of past traumas.

When all of the traumatic events are removed and passed into the awareness of the person, they reach a happy state in which there are no more spaces of unawareness in their Time Track. The person who receives listening processes is called a pre-clear, in that they advance towards a state of Clear. The pre-clear improves their abilities and raises their awareness through evaluating their life experience and observing the content of their subconscious.

A coach who is qualified to lead listening processes is called a Listener.  Our admiration goes to the Listener, they are the person who makes a better world. The Listener is a brave person, committed to their task, yet caring and sensitive. They listen patiently yet are alert and intelligent. They are an expert in the technology of listening. They must be a person of high intelligence and also dedication and integrity. The Listener has invested a great amount of time in acquiring the skills to improve the human condition.

in addition to studying how to lead processes, you will learn crucial tools for interpersonal communication, control, improved learning skills and attaining stability and prosperity in life. These are tools that will help you’ll understand how to improve every aspect of your life and the lives of your pre-clears.

We believe that the highest mission in life is to help others and to make a better world. The course will grant you professional tools to enable others to attain understanding and to expand their personal abilities.

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