Control and Intention Course

In many cases control is perceived as a bad thing. It arouses negative and unpleasant feelings. We have been compelled and obliged to do many things that we didn’t want to under the title, “control”. Yet, would you be able to drive your car, to manage your work, or to educate your children without control? Of course, you wouldn’t.

Control is the readiness and ability to start, to change and to stop my or another person’s activities. Control is the movement of things in the material world, yet it is also conveying intentions and instructions to others, leadership and command of people. Life demands that we control others and also enable others to control us.

Achieving goals, charisma, leadership skills, self-esteem and power in life; all of these are the abilities of a person who is in control of themselves, their life and those around them.

In the Correct Control course, you will begin to learn with full theoretical study about Control and the three elements of ‘Control’. After that you will practice and perfect your control skills with the help of five Control exercises. The aim of the course is for you to achieve your full abilities and apply correct control to every situation in your life.

The ‘Correct Control’ course is the continuation course to the ‘Effective Communication’ course and based on principles your learned in communication. Therefore, this course can only be undertaken with the completion of the Communication course.



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