Success Stories

Effective Communication Course

“The Effective Communication Course helped me with managing a healthy conversation with people. The course made me feel certain when I talk, better understand what to emphasize, pay attention to or ignore.

“Above all, the course enabled me to understand the importance of communication in every sphere of our life. I realize that we need to have good communication with ourselves and the environment to achieve our goals.

“While I was on the course, I had an opportunity to implement my new skills with clients in Israel and abroad. Thanks to this I achieved business collaborations that I cannot compare with anything I had before.”

-Tsoof Maimon
Haifa, Israel
Listening Processes

“I have reached a level where I have little difficulty to admit to my misdeeds – the bad things I did in the past. Previously, when I had to look at my mistakes, I needed to digest, to breathe hard, to think a lot about my actions, and I wondered if I should admit to my misdeed.

“Now, I can take responsibility easily and then continue straightaway to correct it and move ahead. I feel super! Many thanks to my auditor and the great people at CC Tel Aviv.”

-Lev Sontz
Tel-Aviv, Israel
Effective Communication Course

“Now I know that drills can be fun, and I can enjoy it.  I feel more comfortable in communication, and this is very important for me. I also realized that the conventional education system is not good for most students but now I can confront it easily.

“Many times, I didn’t feel comfortable talking to others, now it is different, it is no longer difficult.

“I’m very happy that I did this course. I had an opportunity to study the course in this amazing place with wonderful people. Special thanks to Emilia, Yulia, and Eitan for their accurate supervision and pushing me to great results.”

-Veronika Schickerova
Prague, Czech Republic
Objective Processes

“By completing the Objective Processes, I feel great relief and a sense of achievement because now, to be ‘here and now’, are not just words for me. There is no longer any effort to stay in present time, now it is a normal condition where I feel calm and peace of mind.

“By accomplishing this step, I feel happier and more capable in life. I would like to express my gratitude to Gatis and to everyone who provides such an opportunity to the people of Latvia.”

-Valentins Chernyakovs
Riga, Latvia