Success Stories

Effective Communication Course

“There is no doubt that the Effective Communication Course and the Intention and Control Course are connected. These two courses help you achieve your goals. Intention and Tone 40 do the job and words are not always necessary.

“At the beginning, while doing the drills, I did not understand why I should do it. After passing each drill and applying it in life, I realized the meaning and the importance of these drills. Every one of them can help you achieve your goals.

“Using Tone 40 is the major thing. When we have it, our lives are under our own control, and we can reach whatever we wish.”

-Avigal Danilov
Haifa, Israel
Listening Processes

“I have been delivering these processes to others and have been learning from my preclears’ wins. I have discovered that the preclear’s wins are also the auditor’s wins.

“This has become real in the last session with a preclear who expressed his understanding, and I realized that I feel it too. It is true that half of the wins on the Route to the Spiritual Freedom are in training. I am learning to be an auditor and to handle my life, to be successful in my business, and to improve relations with my family.

“I am learning to make people saner – being an auditor is to be a superman.

“Thanks to LifePower, it is now possible to be an auditor easily and to study it fast and become a professional. This training provides real achievements and creates changes in life.”

-Matan Lugasy
Tel-Aviv, Israel
Objective Processes

“Today we had a session with a new process of Objectives. While in session, I was in doubt about two things and then I chose one of them. Suddenly, this became related to making decisions in life. I recalled a lecture delivered at Clearing Center by Don Schaul: “When you make a decision, it will be the right pro-survival decision. At the moment the Reactive Mind jumps into action, you begin to feel doubt.”

“Over the last few weeks, I noticed that I act on the first decision I make. My ARC with people is high, all is light and calm.  And more, when I’m in present time I have fewer doubts and no bothering thoughts. I make a decision and do it in Tone 22.0 – Games. This is so simple and powerful!”

-Danuta Vysidalko
Tel-Aviv, Israel
Listening Processes

“I came to get listening processes with a feeling of fatigue. I felt less happy and had no wish to work. Also, there was tension in my family.

In the beginning, I had some doubts about the listening process, because I thought that just talking about my problems would not help me. But, after a few sessions I noticed big progress. At the end of this first program, I feel happy again and I am eager to work. Also, I handled my relationships.

I can say that it is worth the money I paid and I’m happy that a thing like this is available to me. My mind and my business can expand again.

I recommend it to anyone who has problems in their lives. The main thing is to trust the listening process and let it direct you.”

-Ritvars Sebris
Riga, Latvia