Success Stories

Integrity and Certainty Course

“I returned to when I was 3 years old and cleaned up misdeeds I committed on my brother at that young age! I felt a heavy charge of guilt, sadness and regret. After the process, I have knowledge how to act in life and I choose to take responsibility.

“When I was 3 years old, I committed misdeeds on my brother without being aware of the results and consequences. Now, I understand what happened then. Today, I use intention to strengthen my relationship with my brother.”

-Axel Jedlitschka Tel-Aviv, Israel
LifePower Coach Course

“This course is ‘first aid’ in the mental field. It relieves a person from traumatic charge and helps them rise to higher levels on the Emotional Scale. The Life Confront Process helps people start to feel better towards their environment.

“I am fortunate, because now I know how to help not only the human body but also the spirit. Everyone wishing to help others and learn how to provide spiritual ‘first aid’, should start with this course.

“My additional gain, I’ve started to listen to people more. It is interesting. Big thanks to the LifePower Haifa staff for helping!”

-Vika Voland
Haifa, Israel
Effective Communication Course

“Before starting this course, when I talked in front of large audiences, my hands were shaking and sometimes I lost the idea of what I wanted to talk about.

“Now, there is a remarkable change when I stand in front of many people. I participated in a conference some time ago and could confront and talk confidently and freely. I know that my ability to communicate with others has improved.

“Thank you so much to the LifePower Center. I recommend this course to everyone.”

-Oskars Dombrovskis
Riga, Latvia
Effective Communication Course

“I had many reactions while doing the Being Here drill and then, suddenly these reactions released and vanished. I realized that I am ‘here and now’. My senses have become sharper. Also, I realized why it is so important not to suppress reactions during the drill. When I stopped fighting with them, they were gone!”

-Adriana Vysidalko
Tel-Aviv, Israel