Tami Lemberger 

Already from a young age I sought to understand the essence of life, it was important for me to struggle for a better life, and for opportunities to help other people.

When I looked at the world around me, society, school, family, I understood that life does not seem so bright.

I started by reading many books on philosophy, spirituality and different religions, however, none of these provided an answer satisfactory to my questions. Despite my existence as a student with good grades at school, I had low self-esteem regarding my intellectual abilities. Additionally, I was embarrassed to be in the company of adults or people with more authority than me, I felt uncomfortable standing in front of them and speaking in front of an audience. Aside from that, I had certain difficulties starting relationships. In addition to all this
 I suffered from a minor condition considered to be hereditary for which there was no known cure.

After my studies at LifePower and accepting processes of listening, my abilities grew immeasurably. I started to feel comfortable in my relationships with people, even with people older or with authority over me. I understood the mental source of the condition I suffered from and it disappeared. I managed to start a successful and rewarding relationship, family life and good relations with my children. My ability to learn improved and thus I easily succeeded in getting accepted to university and successfully finishing a Law degree.

After reading many books about spiritual philosophy I noticed that LifePower was different from other strategies because it put the emphasis on the ability to implement things in reality. the goals of many strategies were similar, most of which had a desire to improve the situation of the person so that they would feel better, however, their path was not practical or useful enough. If you cannot implement the theory of a particular philosophy in your life, at home, at work and in society – then there is no point investing in learning that philosophy.

My first course at LifePower was on the topic of communication, I immediately saw how valuable it was because the results were immediate and therefore I wanted to continue to learn. Each course gave me more certainty and improved something else in my life up until I myself became a LifePower coach.

I always wanted to help others, It was important for me to see that these tools worked. After I saw that this works for myself I used my knowledge in order to help others.

As a LifePower coach I run advanced processes which allow you to reach the level of a Clear. I am also authorized to train LifePower coaches.

I chose to take up this profession because people’s situation in the world always touched my heart. People are not happy and satisfied from life, most lead unsatisfying lives or those with no possibility of realizing their dreams. And all this with no connection to if their material situation is good or terrible poor.

At life power I found the possibility to achieve improvements and status changes in life and the opening of the path to realising dreams. I see significant results in a short time.

The great satisfaction that I experience helping myself and helping others – makes my life extremely happy.

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