Improving Conditions in Life – Part 2

Last week we began posting sections of a seminar delivered by Dani Lemberger, titled ‘Improving Conditions in Life’. This seminar, held in Riga, Latvia, in August 2022, covers the vital subject of the Operating Conditions and their formulas. Dani demonstrates how correct application of this information can enable everyone to reach power and prosperity.

Tami and Dani Lemberger visited Latvia to support the steadily expanding  LifePower Center of Riga, brilliantly managed by the group’s leaders, Kaspars Cveigelis and Gatis Dreivins.

In the seminar, Dani explains the structure of organizations, what are statistics, what are the Operating Conditions, and then presents in detail the formula for each condition.

Today, we present Part Two of the seminar, in which Dani gives an overview of the operating conditions. Due to a technical flub while recording, the first few minutes of the video consist of sound only, then you can see Dani in action. Enjoy!

More information about the Executive Freedom book can be found in the library.

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