Your Mind’s Efficiency

In March 2023, Dani Lemberger spent a week in Prague, Czech Republic, for the occasion of opening a LifePower center there.

While in Prague, Dani delivered two seminars. The first, given on 17th March, is titled, Basics of Life – Your Mind’s Efficiency. It is based on Dani’s book, LifePower: Achieving Power in All Realms of Life. In this seminar, Dani presents the spirit as the essence of life and then explains the two parts of the mind – the Aware and the Reactive Mind – and how our traumas affect us. At the end of the seminar, the attendees co-audited the Recall Processes with great wins.

Section one:
• The Three Components of an Individual – Spirit, Mind, Body;
• How these components interact;
• The single purpose of life and what is the goal of LifePower.

Section two:
• The two elements of the mind;
• The aware mind;
• The reactive mind;
• Trauma.

Section three:
• Disagreements with Life;
• Operating Basis of the Reactive Mind;
• LifePower Processing;

Section four:
• Brief introduction to LifePower recall processes;
• Group demonstration.

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