Clearing Processes

Fears, inhibitions, negative emotions, doubts, insecurity, tension, unwanted bodily reactions, and lack of confidence when facing others – all these are the workings of the ‘internal enemy’ that torments us all. Our weaknesses that we are aware of, are the visible symptoms of the traumas hidden in the Reactive Mind – our sub-conscious.

The Reactive Mind is the accumulation of all the painful incidents we have experienced throughout our past. These traumas, which continue to accompany us below our awareness level – hence it is also called the sub-conscious – are the ‘enemy within’ each of us. Our lives would be wonderful if we were freed of the harmful effects of past traumas!

Clearing Processes, conducted in private and confidential sessions with an expert coach, relieve the person from the harmful effects of past traumas. With Clearing Processes, one regains their true powers, the energy, the joy, and the enthusiasm for life.

The gains you will experience with clearing processes:


“Today I completed a Clearing Process, it was great fun! I feel like I’ve jumped to a higher plateau in life. I have left many things behind and a new path has opened up before me. Thanks to my coach.” A. M.

“Before receiving Clearing Processes, I was not my true self. Today, I feel like a mature person, more intelligent and with high self-confidence. My abilities have increased and my feelings are strengthened. I have a new meaning in life, a strong desire to help others and to grow in my business. Thank you, LifePower team, for this wonderful place.” L. B.

“With processing, the mental charge that prevented me from moving forward in life has been removed. I feel great and I am moving towards my goals! As a fitness trainer, I influence a lot of people and my own improvement passes on wherever I am!” G. H.