Parenting and Children Guidance

Many participants in processing tell us: “If only I had learned these tools at a young age, my life would be different.” Today it is possible!

With personal coaching, your children can get the most important tools for life at an early age. They will lead a better, more meaningful, and happier life. Your children will improve their learning skills, communication abilities, self-confidence, emotional stability, and personal integrity. They will even learn how to think more sensibly.

Your child will receive a special program suited to their age and skills. Together with your kid, you too will undergo special coaching so you can participate and support your child.

Family Coaching allows parents to deal with difficulties that arise between them and their children. It also strengthens the kids in their daily challenges – at school, with friends and relatives, and performing their duties. We provide tools and insights that make family life pleasant and your children will become successful and calm.


“I have much more confidence in front of my classmates, I’m much freer! I am finally getting along with my parents and enjoying life.” N. 12 years old

“The communication between us and with our children has improved. We have started to talk freely and there is more understanding and love at home. It is a must for any couple who wants to continue being together and raise healthy and happy children.” S. R.

“Now that I’ve learned how to study, I no longer suffer at school! I want to succeed! And I know that my success depends only on me.” A. 10 years old