Personal Relations Counseling

There was love between you and enthusiasm – what happened to it? What do you do when you have difficulties with your partner? Do you break up the relations or is there a way to repair them?

Assisted by unique processing, you will create happy relations based on improved communication that will last a lifetime. This program is ‘tailored’ for you to remove the barriers between you and your partner, to build renewed trust and provide tools for planning your future and maintaining your integrity.


“Amazing program! I arrived angry and unable to deal with the situation at home, the relationship with my husband and the children. Following the drills and the application in life, we returned to being a stable and loving couple. Things get resolved easily and there is more marital attraction. This program is a must for every family. Thank you!” G. R.

“We came to LifePower for Relations Processes when we were just before our wedding but on the verge of breaking it up. Within a month, we solved the problems between us and our communication improved dramatically. Today, we share a business, two lovely daughters and we are each other’s best friend.” S. S. and A. S.