LifePower Dictionary
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Guide to this dictionary:

This dictionary comprises of all the specialized terminology used in the LifePower books. It is compiled from the three books: LifePower, Complete Communication Manual and The Story of C and I.

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In this dictionary, the following abbreviations are used:

LP: The book LifePower

CCM: Complete Communication Manual

C&I: The Story of Control and Intention

Ch: Chapter in one of the books

RSF: The Route to Spiritual Freedom, see LP book.

Comm: Communication

Each entry (a term appearing in the dictionary), may have several definitions. At the end of each definition, you will find the name of the book from which this definition is taken, the chapter number and the article within the chapter. Example:

Cause – 2) Cause is the person initiating the communication, the point of origin. (LP, Ch 2, Comm in Full; CCM, Ch. 1, The Comm Formula)

This is definition 2 of the word ‘Cause’. It appears both in Chapter 2 of the LifePower book in section Communication in Full and in the Complete Communication Manual, Chapter 1, section The Comm Formula.

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