One of the greatest mysteries which occupies many researchers is how does the mind make decisions? While the field of medicine and our ability to understand processes which occur in the body are only advancing all the time, questions like: Who is a person? How do we make decisions? Is a person only their body? remain unsolved by medicine. In practice, this raises the question: is the field of medicine the right place to be answering questions of this kind?

The answer to the mystery of how we make decisions and how our mind works, brings the person to many solutions. Think of a situation within which we could, with the aid of this knowledge, bring man to a place wherein his ability to struggle with life and respond rationally will be significantly higher. We can free man from the negative influences of his subconscious and create a better world.

The tool with which we make decisions is in effect man’s best friend. It is with this tool that we consult and make decisions such as, whom to marry? Which job to take? What to wear? And more. Does the solution to this mystery seem to you like a dream we can reach only many years from now, or that all of these questions have already been solved and all that remains to do is to study the subject which will bring us toward a better life?

On 20.07.17 an article was published in Haaretz, titled “The Riddle of the Black Box, International Team Tries to Understand how the Brain Makes Decisions.”

According to the article, the subject interested so many researchers, that 21 laboratories in America and Europe decided to investigate it. It is written in the article that “people do not understand that they have no idea how the brain works.” If the scientists succeed in solving the riddle, there will be implications for wisdom and free will. In attempting to find the solutions, an initial budget of 14 million dollars was dedicated to the study.

In one of the standard experiments, the scientists documented how neurons “fire” in the brains of mice while they observe the appearance of dim spots on the screen, and additionally, a lego wheel is spun in order to hint at which side the spots will appear, right or left. The mice make mistakes whenever the spots are faint and unclear. The researchers’ aim, as explained in the article, was not to answer the essential question such as which apartment to rent or who to choose as a partner, but, in their words, this was a start.

While many researchers are currently at the beginning of a well-funded study, the answer is already in our hands. Our mind is comprised of infinite recordings which we accumulate at every moment of our lives, multidimensional images which contain all that which our senses absorb and our mind immediately files the recordings away in the order in which we perceived them from our surroundings. Thus our personal TimeTrack is constructed, our memory which contains the entire progression of our lives. The recordings which we preserve on top of our TimeTrack contain dozens of sense -images, sounds, smells, touch, sense of hot and cold, thoughts, feelings and more.

Let’s give this an example, close your eyes and think about your breakfast. Can you see the omelette you ate? Smell the coffee? Feel the fork in your hand? We are registering an infinite amount of information which serves us in decision making. Tomorrow’s breakfast will be chosen in accordance with what we found to be tasty yesterday. We decide based on the information which exists in our personal TimeTrack.

An event such as breakfast is one which we are capable of experiencing pleasantly, and the information which exists will serve us in future decision making. When we solve a problem, we immediately draw out data from our mind and search for a similar piece of data which exists and can aid us in solving the problem.

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