Many of us are reminded a time in our youths wherein life seemed happier and better. A time where our lives were full of interest, curiosity and aspirations. A time wherein we woke up in the morning with a smile and full of energy in expectation of starting a new day.

As time passes, however, many people feel a deterioration and less ability to positively influence many areas of their lives.

In fact, the situation is meant to be the opposite. You have surely heard the sentence “There is no wisdom like experience” many times. With this, why then, after a person accrues knowledge and experience in their life which is meant to help them achieve their aspirations and cause them to live a happier life, do they not infrequently feel worse?

What do all these people have in common and what is the mechanism which leads to deterioration in many areas of our lives?

After many years of observation it has been revealed that people are good in their essence. The proof for which is that whenever a person causes harm, they feel ashamed at what they have done –  and want to conceal and afterwards correct the act they have committed.

For example, a harmful act may be cheating on a romantic partner. It also may be something that I promised myself and did not fulfill, like for instance, I promised myself to eat healthily or to study, and I did not stand up to each one of these promises.

After cheating on my romantic partner, I will cover it up for fear of feeling ashamed at what I had done, and afterwards will justify the act by saying that she caused it and she was the one who hurt me beforehand. Here lies the mechanism of self-destruction – the two of us are suffering and the family is ruined.

Destructive acts such as these can harm any area of our lives and thus our ability to influence and take responsibility over these areas which we have harm goes down further, and so does our happiness and wellbeing. We are thus accruing more and more harmful acts which we have carried out towards ourselves and our surroundings. However, does a solution to this exist? Can we return the ability of control over one’s life to a person and stop this deterioration?

In the LifePower book, you will find a full explanation of this mechanism, but understanding this concept is just the beginning of a journey of restoring a positive connection to yourself and those surrounding you. In the book you will find a precise process which you can execute with your partner or with the help of a LifePower instructor in order to restore for yourself the ability to positively influence many areas of your life.

I wish you carry out this process which will help you restore better communication and control over every area of your life.

Achievements of people on a journey of self improvement:

S.Z.: The process was extremely liberating. The feeling of relief afterwards was unlike anything I had ever experienced. During the process, my space freed itself and my relationships with other people improved. I became far more efficient, my relationships with my children improved and became much more relaxed and calm. I feel an improvement in all areas of my life.

N.Z.: Today I completed the self-improvement course, I didn’t believe it could make me feel so liberated and such relief. I am still in shock! There is nothing like it. What is more I decided to take responsibility over all that I have done over the course of my life.

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