For your convenience see below list of questions and their timing.  

100:15So Dani, please tell us about yourself.
200:56What are you currently doing?
301:23What began your spiritual search?
402:21What did you try in your way?
503:11And how did it help you?
603:42What was your conclusion from your
search to that point?
705:26Where this this spiritual search lead you?
806:22Let me stop you right here,
Ron Hubbard is a controversial personality in today’s media, and you have academic degrees.
1006:34Weren’t you kind of suspicious before starting it?
But still, Ron Hubbard’s works are not accepted in the world academies.
1207:56Didn’t you want some approval, some authority approving his works before you started to deal with his work?
1309:15Tell me a little bit about the listening processes that you got back in 1980 in San Francisco.
1410:42Can you compare this listening process
1510:49with psychoanalysis that you got? What are the differences?
1611:37Can you tell me your exact gains from this listening processes that you got in San Francisco?
1711:45What did you get from it?
1814:10If this technology that you are describing is so good and powerful,
1914:16why is it not that popular around the world?
2015:31And what, in your opinion, is the biggest lie in connection to mental or spiritual improvement?
2118:07Don’t you have a vested interest in what you are doing?
2219:38I know that you had a great job in the US. Why did you move back to Israel and open a center in Israel?
2321:10What led you to write your own book?
2425:34Is it dangerous to tamper with somebody else’s mind?

What will you gain with LifePower?

LifePower is a body of knowledge about life, the human spirit and its relationship with its surroundings. LifePower is more than simply philosophy, in that it includes unique drills and processes. Application of these drills and processes leads to a significant improvement in personal ability.

Many people all over the world that apply this knowledge and these processes testify that they arrived at a state of power in all fields of life. What is power? It’s the condition you will be in when progressing confidently and serenely towards attaining your goals.

You are surely asking yourself questions about life and human existence: Where did we come from? Where are we going? What is death? What holds the future? Who created the Universe? What is the purpose of our existence? How will we discover the truth and distance ourselves from lies? What is good and what is bad? With LifePower you will receive answers to these questions and most important, you will discover what is the State of Clear, and you will experience processes that will lead you to this desired state.

What then is a Clear person? The Clear is a person who has removed all the influences of traumatic events in their lives, who does not have unwanted reactions, they are open and honest in their relationships with others. They are free of psychosomatic illnesses; their senses are sharp, and their mood is good. The Clear is diligent, creative and free. The Clear enjoys high self-confidence, they are free of concerns based in the past and therefore progress in calm and confidence toward attaining their goals.

What is the source of LifePower?

We believe that the highest mission of life is helping others and building a better world. To fulfil this goal, Dani Lemberger wrote the book, LifePower, based on forty years of working personally with the philosophy of Ron Hubbard and helping many hundreds of people. The author was assisted by many partners, who assisted with checking the content, editing, illustrating the book and bringing it into your hands, easy to understand and apply.

Ron Hubbard was born in 1911 in the state of Nebraska, U.S.A. Hubbard studied the human consciousness and Man’s mind and achieved great renown when his bestseller, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, was published in 1950. He continued writing and lecturing about his discoveries on life and the world we live in until he left his body in 1986.

The applied philosophy that Hubbard developed is unique, in that it integrates technology that enables every person to learn, apply and experience its knowledge. The techniques that Hubbard developed lead every person to an improvement in their abilities and grants them actual results, without dependence on any authority or professional treatment.

LifePower is a body of knowledge. Knowledge is the dearest gift of all, in that knowledge enables each person to fulfil their aims and live a rich and meaningful life. Our view is that, “Understanding is the only richness there is.”.

We do not intend to give advice or conduct an evaluation and tell you the faults and mistakes you’ve made in your life. We intend to increase your ability and grant you the knowledge that will help you overcome any difficulty you encounter in life with your own power so you reach a higher existence.

On this website you will find up to date information about our activities, many articles, the Coaches at your service around the world, and  personal stories of people who have experienced this knowledge. LifePower’s coaches provide consultation services, processes and courses for personal improvement in all fields of life. You are welcome to contact us with any question, suggestion or request for further information.

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