Do you feel like your life is managing you instead of you managing it? Do you feel frustration and lack of control? Are you troubled by the weight of the tasks you have to do which only pile up? There are three components whose use will bring you to a situation wherein you are the one who manages your life and not the opposite. These three components comprise a triangle which is called the Power Triangle.

Do you feel like success and the achievement of power in life is a matter of luck?

Like everything that happens to us is a result of predetermined fate which we cannot change?

Or that succeeding in every area of our lives depends on us alone?

When we look at a successful person, sometimes the thought crosses our mind that ‘he got lucky’, however, is luck the thing which brings us success? Let’s find out.

In order to succeed in every field and to reach power, three things are required:

Knowledge – By knowledge we mean data, pieces of information or ideas, anything learned or perceived with our senses. Everything that is important for us to know about a particular subject which interests us, is knowledge.

Responsibility – Responsibility is the ability and the wisdom to assume the position of causation, “I caused / will cause this to happen.” Responsibility is the concern for the existence or welfare of a person, object or animal. When I take responsibility, I expand my capacity to have an influence.

Control – Control is the ability to start, to change and to stop action, be it my own or another person’s. Control is also the giving of direction and instruction to another, leadership and command over people. Life requires us to control other people and also to let others control us.

This is in effect the Power Triangle. When you raise one corner of the triangle, the other two also increase.

Driving a car requires knowledge, you will not succeed in controlling a car without knowledge on the subject. And of course, in order to control a car you have to make a decision to be responsible over that thing which you are interested in controlling. It would be dangerous to control without responsibility and knowledge in every area in which we wish to succeed. You will surely agree with me that if you had far greater knowledge about life itself, you would be able to lead a more stable and better life.

You can surely think of at least one area of your life in which you are doing well and another area in which you are having difficulty.

For each of these areas, write to yourself:

What is my level of knowledge on the topic?

Afterwards, write: what is my level of control over this area?

And finally, what is my level of responsibility over this area?

In order to succeed in life you must acquire knowledge, and this is exactly what you will be able to receive with LifePower.

If we try to drive a car a car without knowledge, it is obvious that our control over the car will be horrendous and we will cause an accident. Life is exactly the same, if we do not know the rules of live and do not learn about ourselves, our control over every area of our lives will be horrendous and this is what bring us to situations wherein life manages us and not the opposite.

Of course, before you decide to take control over every area of your life, you must make the decision to take responsibility. After many years of using the LifePower method, I understood that as people acquire more of the knowledge that we possess, so does their control and ability to take responsibility over all areas of their life increase accordingly.

At LifePower we have practical knowledge with will help you improve all areas of your life. And not just that. Apart from the knowledge which will help you improve all areas of your life, you will also find processes which you can use to free yourself from the influences of your subconscious so as to restore for yourself control and responsibility over every area. This is the path to power.

Success stories from the proper control course:

A.B.: The proper control course is an essential course for life. I know that in order to achieve my goals and aspirations and to move forward, I need to be proficient in the required knowledge, to take responsibility and control over those fields and this is the basis which will lead me to success. When you know this, your life becomes much simpler and clearer, and it is easy for you to implement these tools in any circumstance. In the course there are also a few control exercises which I needed to drill until I succeeded, and there is no doubt that my confidence improved greatly thanks to the process I underwent. I feel much more comfortable taking and implementing control over myself, my environment and over all areas of my life. I understand how important control is in life and what its essence is. We are talking about the positive and proper form of control, in its balanced and productive form. This is a powerful tool for life and I already implement it and feel a significant improvement. Thank you very much LifePower team!!

S.R.: I purchased new expertise – to make things happen. I began transmitting intentionality into every action I performed or asked other people to do, and to my surprise I am getting my intended results. I wish to continue improving my control expertise because by controlling our surroundings and especially ourselves, we can reach our goals and achieve things we want. I also learned that so long as someone does what I ask of them, all of their statements do not bother me, they are indeed doing what I asked of them to do and it is their right to express an opinion about what they are doing. Every time I hold my baby, I remember the control course and thus understand that I am in that moment controlling his body in a positive way. Many thanks to the amazing and supportive team at LifePower  for real intention to help and improve people.

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