Being Interested Without Evaluation

The LifePower Europe opening event took place on 3 December 2023, and the centre is already bursting at the seams.

The event was attended by over 50 guests, mostly our public from Latvia, but also present were four friends from Ukraine and Czechia. Guests had fun meeting each other, eating, and drinking (yes, only coffee and tea).

The evening’s highlight was a lecture by Dani Lemberger who presented the Route to Spiritual Freedom and recounted the creation of LifePower.

LifePower Europe is booming, with people arriving from the United States and all over Europe for counseling and courses. Dima Dubinin – senior LifePower coach – will be relocating to Riga soon. He will be joined by his wife Yulia Filchenko, who is also a LifePower coach and an Academy Supervisor.

Dima  and Yulia will work closely with Gatis Drevins, lead coach of LifePower Riga, and Kaspars Cveigelis, the founder and Manager of Vaditaju Skola. At Vaditaju Skola, executives receive consulting and training based on the LifePower books with an emphasis on communication skills and organizational know-how.

You’re invited to watch the videos, and even more, you are cordially invited to visit us in wonderful – yet chilly – Riga, Latvia, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

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