Your Group’s Prosperity

In March 2023, Dani Lemberger spent a week in Prague, Czech Republic, for the occasion of opening a LifePower center there.

At the start of the seminar, attendees were given the Basics of Life booklet. The booklet is available for download at the freebies page.

While in Prague, Dani delivered two seminars titled ‘Basics of Life‘. The second seminar, given on 18th March, was named Your Group’s Prosperity. This seminar is based on Dani’s book, Executive Freedom.

Section one:
• What is a Valuable Final Product?
• The Three Parts of an Organization
• The Essence of Managing

Section two:
• Measuring Progress
• Trends
• The Operating Conditions

Section three:
• The operating condition formulas

Section four:
• Decision-making
• Being cause over your organization

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