Intention and Control

The complete course for creating an overpowering presence, the ability to make things happen, and confidence in one’s decisions. The Intention and Control Course is based on the book The Story of C and I: The Theory and Application of Control and Intention, which summarizes the knowledge required to achieve one’s goals through skillful control over the environment.

Control has a bad reputation when it is enforced, but can we firmly direct our lives to where we want them to be? Definitely! This is positive control when properly used. On this course you will master the ability to put control over your life and the environment.

By drilling the elements of control, you will be able to lead yourself and your relationships and move easily towards achieving your goals. On course, you will perform the five Control Drills until perfect intention will be yours.

Based on the book The Story of C and I: The Theory and Application of Control and Intention

What Will You Learn?

Successes From This Course

“An excellent course that teaches how to gain power in every area of life in a way that is simple to apply. I see how things that used to frustrate me, today go through easily and efficiently.” Y. M.

“This course is a continuation of the Effective Communication Course. Their combination gives you the ability to comfortably experience and control, to stand up for your opinions, to communicate and activate people in order to achieve your goals.” T. S.

“With the tools I acquired on The Intention and Control Course, I know that when I decide something, it just happens. Why? Because now I can make things happen.” G. B.