Organization Builder
and Manager

This course is based on the book Executive Freedom, which provides the full technology for creating a prosperous business. This book was written by Dani Lemberger, who has spent over 40 years studying organization and management and has been leading thriving businesses in Europe, Israel, and the U.S.

A fundamental observation is that we are all part of an organization – family, work, friends, or a business we run. Since none of us can avoid being in an organization, we had better become experts at it! On this course, you will acquire the tools needed to build, or be part of, an organization that expands stably towards its goals.

As business owners or managers in a large organization, we take upon ourselves vast responsibilities and feel that we serve the organization rather than it benefitting us. We work long hours and often neglect our families and hobbies. We must generate sufficient income yet some customers, employees or vendors attract too much attention. At times, we may feel trapped in our own business, yet our purpose was to gain the freedom to pursue our dreams.

This course will provide you with the essential tools of managing so that you can launch the business of your dream or boost an existing one. A well-functioning group should be financially rewarding while freeing up time for your varied fields of interest.

Based on the book Executive Freedom

What Will You Learn?

The basics of the LifePower philosophy, its values, and key tools:

Successes From This Course

“I came to LifePower about three years ago on the verge of bankruptcy. I did several courses and received personal coaching. I am in a completely different situation now. It is easy for me to manage myself and other people. I feel confident, I have vision, and I am stable. The tools in the Organization course really work and bring extraordinary results!” U. H.

“Before the course, I managed a team of 5 engineers. I felt that there were too many duties and that it was impossible to complete them and supervise the team’s tasks. Today, I manage a department of 28 people. I am focused and enjoy peace of mind. I communicate with people easily and am confident in what I am doing.” A. S.

“I started the course when I opened a new business and had lots of concerns. I wanted my business to grow in the best possible way! Since the beginning of the course, my business has been on the rise, manifested in many achievements and rapid increase of income. There is no more fear or confusion, things are organized and predictable!” L. B.

“This course has given me immense power. I now have tools that enable me to make successful decisions quickly. The fogginess I had about managing is gone and I do not make mistakes. I am much more efficient’ I do not waste time and I make more money doing the things I enjoy! Thank you to the whole LifePower team.” S. T.

“I am a leading attorney and own a major law firm. Following the Organization Builder Course, we have multiplied our income 10 times! In the year 2021, Dun & Bradstreet has recognized our achievements and has placed us in the top law firms of Israel. Thank you to the incredible staff at LP Academy in Haifa.” E. S.