LifePower Coach

You too can be a LifePower Coach and help others achieve the life they have always wanted. On this course, based on the book LifePower: Achieving Power in All Realms of Life, you will acquire the tools to help others raise their abilities, organize the various areas of life, and free themselves from anguish, trauma, and inhibitions.

While on course, you will deliver Clearing Processes to fellow students under expert supervision. This course requires extensive studying over 1-2 months. You will benefit in several ways:

  • You shall gain incredibly powerful tools to upgrade your own life.
  • You will acquire the tools and expertise to become a qualified LP Coach.
  • You will receive Clearing Processes and experience life-changing results. Further, you can work with a fellow student and deliver processes to each as you choose.

On completion, you will receive a LifePower Coach certificate. You can embark on an independent career helping friends, family, children, businesspeople, or anyone who turns to you.

We invite every certified coach to join the LifePower global network and receive the materials and support needed to establish a thriving practice.

Based on the book
LifePower: Achieving Power in All Realms of Life

What Will You Learn?

The basics of the LifePower philosophy, its values, and key tools:

Successes From This Course

“Prior to LifePower, I learned numerous therapies of healing and coaching. Nothing compares to the tools I acquired as a LifePower Coach. The precision, the quick results and the successes speak for themselves. Over the past two years, I have trained scores of people using LifePower’s Tech and turned my passion into a career.” A. N.

“This course has two parts: theory and practical; everything is well-organized and easy to apply. I really enjoyed giving processes to others and seeing how I can help, improve conditions, and enable another to rise on the emotional scale. The supervision was excellent and precise. I had personal gains from giving processing and have made changes in my own life.” Y. M.

“In LifePower I discovered that my goal is to make a better world. Now, I have gained certainty that through the training I did, I have reached a level of professionalism that I can help every person. I understand life better and can guide others who want to get there.” T. L. K

“I have received tools for life that will stay with me forever. During the course, I went through processes that changed the way I think, feel, and behave. Today I am more alive, energetic, and happy. I have a strong desire to help others and now I am confident in my ability to do so!” A. Y.

“This is the best course I have ever done! I learned what is the subconscious and what damage it can cause when it goes into operation. When I began giving processing to my friend, I saw the great progress she was making, I saw that she was feeling much better. This gave me huge satisfaction. I am so proud I finished the course on time and I am now a professional LP Coach.” A. E.